BigDaddy = Superhero

We heard it. The music. We froze. We heard it again. ICE CREEEEEEEEAAAM!!!!!!!

Go! Go! GOOO! Outside children! BigDaddy grabbed the kids and ran into the yard. I raced into BigBoy's room to raid his piggy bank (he's the only one with the big cash stash.) We all managed to get in our drive-way, money in hand, in about 5 seconds flat.

And then it happened. The ice cream man went past our street. Oh NO you didn't Ice Cream Man! BigDaddy looks at me, "Get my keys!" I ran and got his truck keys, he threw his cape behind him and dashed into his DadMobile and went off to apprehend said Ice Cream Man.

BigBoy was crushed. Instant tears. He ran into the backyard and wouldn't look at anyone. I explained to him that Daddy was going to get the Ice Cream Man. Really. It would be okay. I see our Babysitter Extraordinaire walking home and invited her over for ice cream, if it ever came. So there we were, all huddled on the drive-way. BB had calmed down at this point. Our babysitter has this effect on him. SassyGirl was dancing, "Mama the ice cream is singing!!" At this point, I felt like the music was mocking us. We could hear it, but it wasn't in view.

And where the hell did BigDaddy go? We then see him drive past our street, actually fly around the corner, but we still didn't know what was going on. And then it happened. The yellow "singing" truck appeared. ICE CREEEEAAAAM!!!!! BigBoy is jumping up and down, we're frantically waving our arms- like the Ice Cream Man could miss up NOW? BigDaddy was just in front of him. The kids were giggling and bouncing non-stop. The fun was not even spoiled when we found out that the ice cream man was out of BB's first choice of the tasty treat. Note to Ice Cream Man: tell your customers that you're out of something before the 5 y.o. stares at your picture menu, contemplates the crucial decision of what ice cream bar to get and after 5 painstaking minutes, decides on the very bar you are out of.

We found out that this particular ice cream truck comes by every Tuesday evening and that our street is part of his regular route, he exits out on our street. THANK GOD. BigDaddy ended up catching up to the Ice Cream Man and flagged him down from the truck, I think. Asked him if he was planning on hitting our street. He was. yada yada.

BigDaddy saved the day nonetheless. BigBoy freaked out, but the fact the BigDaddy raced off during the frenzy made everything better. Daddy would make everything okay. He knew that. That damn ice cream man would come by our house come hell or high water.

As we sat on the newly constructed monster swing set, we enjoyed our overpriced, slightly melty ice cream bars. Our kids had chocolate eclair aftermath all over their smiling little faces. The weather was perfect. BigBoy looks over and says: "This has been the best day of my life!"

I can't wait for summer.


Roxy said...

Sooo Cute! Can you imagine what this means in high school when the kids want bigger things than ice cream?

Karin said...

Wow, we breathe a sign a relief if the ice cream man misses our street. The guy comes DAILY from March-Nov. 1...he's dirty, the truck is dirty and smells like smoke, but the kids think he is a gift from up above (who robs us blind)...You are so lucky to have a once a weeker!

Nikki said...

So funny! We chase down our ice cream truck too! But ours actually parks outside the kids school during the warmer months on our island...how smart and crazy is that. He is busy every day adding to our obesity in America problems but that is OK..something about ice cream trucks makes it just fine. The Whidbey Island ice cream truck seems to find us often too. Kids have built in ice cream truck music radar.

Lisa Spector said...

Rox- we're NOT going there... yet.

Karin- really?? Our guy was totally cute, he even had a doxy dog with him in the truck. I agree, though, once a week is perfect.

Nik- I know. There's nothing more special than the ice cream man during summer! I love it. Makes me feel like I'm in a Leave it to Beaver episode! :)


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