pretty is not practical

It's just like when I buy a pair of cute earrings. They look great. Initially, I feel great with them on. But they just don't belong on me while I am around two small children. Too many things can go wrong. What I thought was a great idea ends up hurting or getting lost.

I should have known. The template, the new name, the sugar-high of birthday cake first thing in the morning. My blog is sick. The template looked great, but when I started messing around with it to get all the bells and whistles that worked before (with my boring ol' basic blogger template) it started to get ugly. And not very fun. And difficult to manage. And now I can't fix what appears to be PERMANENT changes from the pretty template.

Dammit. Why did I have to go there? Why did I get shiny object syndrome AGAIN? I should have left well enough alone.

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