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I'm following a new person on twitter @marciamarcia and she has a question posted on her profile: "What have you learned?" So for you marcia, marcia, marcia: What have I learned? (What?? You're STILL not tweeting?)

I've learned I need my coffee before I continue blogging ....

Okay. cup o' joe, ready to go. Yesterday was quite the learning day for me. We had our weekly homeschool group, but this week we had a bigger activity that also included other homeschoolers in the area. It's was fantastic being around more area moms and the rain stayed away! yeah! So on to the task at hand.....

What I've learned:
  • Tie dying might not be worth all the effort. However, I may have mastered the Heart Fold.
  • BigBoy has no interest in tie dying when there is a playground full of new, cool boys.
  • SassyGirl is in the grunting phase full force. UUUGH= me want eat. UUGH= now.
  • BigBoy can get locked in the bathroom at funschool.
  • Purple dye stains your hands reeeeeally badly.
  • My body doesn't do so well on 4-5 hours of broken sleep.
  • My husband can kick ass in the yard on a day off.
  • BigBoy does a good impression of me saying "Just let it be! let it be!" (as in band aids and sores)
  • Sassy does an even better impression of BigBoy saying "Des lettle be ma!" (hands out to her side for emphasis)
  • BigDaddy really does love me (he drove to DC late last night to pick up the fam since I was so beat and couldn't take a nap)

I also learned I really do love living here. The drive home (all 10 minutes of it) was sooo beautiful- new bright green grass, blossoms, produce stands. The kids were being sweet to each other, we spent the day together, and all was good. BigDaddy had the day off (and Monday too!) The horses were out trotting about. My sister and her boyfriend are here for the weekend (since we are so close to NYC.) Lunzygras is in full force! Later today, like around noon, grab a glass of pinot grigio with me and celebrate the good things in your life. What makes your life special? What have you learned?

Happy Passover/Easter/Spring Weekend!


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