Wake up!

Just when I think I have this whole priority thing down, something kicks me in the booty and brings it all home. I've mention our babysitter extraordinaire many times. She is a gem, really, and will soon be leaving us due to graduation.

I always rush a bit more on the days she's coming over. Our house is always messy. It's just a fact. And the kids' rooms might be clean, but the basement playroom isn't. The kitchen could be spotless, but I didn't have time to get to the bathroom. You know how it goes. So sometimes I start to get embarrassed, but just have to suck it up and run to the store while she is here instead of using the child-free time to clean up.

And then I got a card from her yesterday. Not just any card-- a completely handwritten card thanking me for being a part of her life and sharing my family with her. She gushed about how wonderful we are and how amazing my kids are and what is blessing it is to be a part of her life. No mention of the mess, no comments on my piles of laundry next to our basement playroom. Only how smart and imaginative and fun my kids are. And how thoughtful we are. And how much she enjoys sitting for me. Wow.

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed again. The yard is gross, really gross, with weeds. Our weather didn't work out on the "right days" for us to work in the garden- we still need to plant it. I still need to get our meal plan together. I need to work out more. The list goes on and on.... Granted, you can't be super happy if you are surrounded by messy chaos. But having great relationships and happy kids is so much more important than the fingerprints on the TV or or a spotless kitchen floor or the beautiful yard. I've been handed my wake up call. Back to reality, back to remembering my priorities.

*btw, yes, that is actually our backyard "lawn" of dandelions.


Roxy said...

When I think back on my childhoon I remember the good stuff.. apple picking, bike riding and all that fun stuff. I have no memories of dirty dishes, undusted shelves or a messy laundry room. That stuff can wait!

Roxy said...
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Shannen said...

Thanks for sharing. I sometimes worry how my "Type A" personality will play out once I have kids. I'll have to remember, "Don't sweat the small stuff" :)

Lisa Spector said...

Rox- yeah. Unfortunately, I remember a lot about how clean everything had to be. I used to walk on the carpet and avoid our tile entry so I wouldn't get marks on it. sigh. So I try to let the kids be kids. All they want is to be fed and have fun and be loved. They can be even nekked and happy as long as their bellies are full and there's bubbles to play with!

Shannen- EVERYTHING changes, even with Type A's, believe me. Or else you go crazy.


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