Down on the farm.

Last week we drove out to visit our Babysitter Extraordinaire's family farm- about 2 hours away. She graduated last Sunday. Don't even get me started on THAT one! sniff, sniff. And left for France yesterday for two months. Yes, France. So not only is she not coming once a week and seeing the munchkins, but she's out of the country. Just kick me while I'm down wouldya?

We thought it would be good for the kids to see her at her "real home" to understand the concept of school housing vs. real home and why she doesn't live down the street anymore. So off to the farm we went!

Had I known where we were going I might have done it a lot sooner and then hid under her bed as a stowaway! We had a wonderful day. Top 10 in my book. This is a picture of me relaxing in a hammock during one of my many moments of bliss.

One pool, 7 kids, 60 acres, cows, horses, dogs, and cats. I never thought this would seem "perfect" to me. But it was. We all had a blast and left the day full. Filled with yummy food, friendship and relaxation. It was great. To say I wasn't deeply moved by this trip would be a big lie. We didn't do anything involved. Ate chicken salad, fruit, fresh bread and sweet tea for lunch. Swam in a pool. Enjoyed Popsicles in the sun. Discussed dragonflies. Fed a calf. Played with kittens. Swung in tree swings and hammocks. Drank wine and talked. Easy. Simple. Perfect.

Yes, I realize I'm a city kid and all of this is still a novelty to me. But it felt right. I felt at ease and comfortable. We may not live on a big ol' farm, but I can definitely bring some of the farm to our home. It was the Big Picture for me. Scaling back the clutter in ours lives and focusing on what was really important. It was the push I needed to get motivated again.

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Roni said...

I love that feeling of refreshed motivation. :)


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