I think I can... I think I can.

I'm feeling overwhelmed with eating better and going green. It takes a lot of thinking and planning at the front end. I know that, but when the kids are hungry NOW and we've been outside all day, and the pre-planned meal will take at least 45 min or needed to simmer for 2 hours and I didn't plan right, this just seems like a lot of work. Can you tell I'm cranky?

Two days ago we rushed to the easy dinner. Pizza. We tried the new joint in town for take out. I saw the pizza and it looked reeeeally greasy, too greasy. On slice 2 I had to stop and was out of commission for the rest of the night with stomach cramps and then I just crashed. for 12 hours. BigDaddy rocked my world but just taking over and I didn't wake up until the next morning at 6:30. So my point. I did the cop out and it hurt me, literally. On the positive side, I've turned a corner. My body rejected the crap I tried to put in it. This was not the norm for me anymore. Hooray!

I KNOW this is good for me and my family. But I'm whiny right now. And tired. Last night was my semi-norm of 5 hours of sleep. And we played all day with friends. And I desperately need to go grocery shopping. Which will make my head hurt. And my body even more tired. But somehow I managed to have dinner simmering already, my meal plan ready to go and most of my grocery list set. I CAN do this. I WILL do this.

I actually have a post in the works about organic shopping, the how and the why. It's taking longer because I have a lot of research to do. And I'm tired. Did I mention that yet? It's taking a while because we need to prioritize and figure out what's important to us. Buying local vs. organic. What organic things are a MUST be vs. not a big deal. That kind of stuff. I'll share with you my Food Doctrine when we finally figure it out.

Here's my plan for the week or so. Lots of my go-tos since we are down to old Mother Hubbard status again. This plan looks crazy, not my general template per se. We have some visits to friends' houses, some travel, BigDaddy gone some nights, etc. I also need to get a stash of quick, easy and healthy summer meals that the kids will eat too. If you have any suggestions, please, PLEASE leave a comment and/or link!

Thursday- Turkey Bolognese w/ Spaghetti Squash (also making a batch of turkey meatballs and patties to freeze)
Friday- Muffuletta Sandwiches with Greek Salad (we'll be gone all day so this will sit all day and be ready to go when we get home for dinner)
Saturday- Homemade Pizza & Watermelon?
Sunday- Breakfast for dinner and fruit salad
Monday- Chicken Cacciatore (crockpot)
Tuesday- Tilapia Pimiento w/ quinoa This is my current favorite recipe!
Wednesday- TBD
Thursday- Sunday Mac & Cheese, homemade chicken strips, homemade turkey meatballs


Anonymous said...

This is my life...the too tired to keep up part! And my meal plan ends up being chicken nuggets and tacos! At least we have fresh, local greens for our tacos and fresh from Wal-Mart pineapple and papaya in the fridge. :) Janell

Wendy said...

Well, We premake several meals on the weekend. We also have a stash of Boca chick patties to heat and eat in a pinch!

Roni said...

Ahhhh you have felt the FUNK! lol

Anonymous said...


Glad you posted one of my favorite websites. You can find most products and at least try and get the lowest in risks.

I really enjoy your posts.

Nikki said...

So my big tip for a fast yummy meal anytime..is get a panini press. I picked one up on clearance at Williams Sonoma a few years ago and I am in love with mine. I always have whole grain breads on hand anyway- then just keep your favorite organic cheeses or local dairy cheese..I love mozzarella or provolone...my kids love sharp cheddar. We throw on some fresh spinach leaves, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts...YUM..or just do the cheese..or add just about anything. Needs no butter on the bread, no mayo..nothing! Just make sure you put any fillings in the middle of the cheese so it can melt together. So good...so fast. We do it for company too...they can build their own and everyone loves it. Add meats..add anything and it does the toasting, heating..all the work..and is absolutely healthy. Now you just need to find a quality one like mine on discount too!

Lisa Spector said...

Thanks everyone! even you roni! ;)

Fruit is a biggie now for us and Boca is my middle name. We have the burgers, nuggets and patties for the quicky meals.

Nik- I have our ol' George Foreman that I use for grilled cheese, the kids typically don't like "stuff" messing up the cheesy goodness. I'll have to revisit the panini concept with them since they are doing much better about eating new things now. BB's meat strike seems to be over now too!!! hooray.


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