Making the rounds.

I'm walking the walk and it feels great! Today BigBoy and I went back to a local strawberry patch we visited on Monday. Unfortunately, we got there too late (Memorial Day) and we ended up waiting over an hour and then got the leftovers. But the kids had fun, we spent some time with friends and got a some berries in the process. I ended up talking to the owner about coming back later in the week, which he suggested since there usually isn't many people picking during the week.

BigDaddy is off recruiting this weekend in CA and actually took Sassy with him! So this weekend is all about BigBoy. We woke up and dashed out of the house to visit our local patch again. This time it was perfect! About 5 other people there and it was nice and cool. The farmer was just hanging out with us, chatting and talking to BigBoy about getting dirty. He told me he doesn't use any spray and weeds about 1/2 the patch, but just lets the other part go. They were a pretty decent price ($1.69 lb) and were no spray- which I can't even find in the stores! We, well I, went to town and 45 minutes later I had over 10 lbs. BB quit after about 15 minutes, but hung out talking to the owner and playing in the mud. After we were done, Mr. Farmer took my berries and walked me down to the register. Before we did any transactions he looks over at my son and says "Big Boy we gotta hose you down! C'mon!" (and yes, he actually said Big Boy!) He proceeded to actually hose down BB and rub down his feet, legs, hands and arms. How's that for customer service?! I found an extra shirt, but no dice on the bottoms. "Son, looks like your ridin' home in your underwear." All matter of fact. Yep. He was right. We said our goodbyes, waved to the other pickers and off we went.

We changed, cleaned up some berries and off again! Pit stop to a friends to drop off some berries, post office and then to a nearby farm I've been wanting to check out. We stopped and I found out that they had some produce and EGGS!!! yahooo! At $2.50 a dozen, they were cheaper than the store brand cage free, organic eggs we were buying. Big Bonus: they were from a farm just one town over. They even had their own personal label on the side with the family name, farm address and phone number. I hit the grocery in town and stopped by again on the way home. Once again, Big Boy chatted with the farmers, this time a family of Mennonites, and pet their big black Lab, Willie. We said we'd be back for sure, said our goodbyes and waved.

It felt good to buy local, natural food and in the process support some families in our community. Real Good.


Anonymous said...

I might have to come to visit to see all this that you talk about. Love the blog.

Shannen said...

How awesome!! Picking your own strawberries/produce! What a fun experience for Big Boy ;) Can't wait to come and visit

Nikki said...

Picking strawberries is our favorite around here too. Make some strawberry syrup if you have extra. I have a great recipe if you have a good blender. Mine is a vita-mix and blends anything! I mix 3 heaping cups of strawberries with 3/4 cups sugar (or other sweetner) and 1 tsp lemon juice. You can get away with less sugar if the strawberries are yummy ones. As is..it is 14 grams of sugar per 1/4 cup serving. That is actually amazingly low compared to store bought fruit syrups which go up to like 60 per serving..wow! Pure maple is that high too although it is natural and we love that too!

Nikki said...

one more thing---you can freeze the extra syrup if you don't plan to use it yet. Freezes great in freezer canning jars or other containers and defrost in the fridge for a day when you are ready to eat it. Delicious with homemade wheat pancakes!!!!


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