Food is so overrated

You mean you buy food at a Farmers' Market???

Apparently a rolly polly home/pirate booby trap.

Found use for a non-working water fountain. :)

Purchases: Cranberry scone- thanks Marcia! One bottle of local raw honey for BigBoy's allergies. Honey stix for the boys. Two brats.

We had a fantastic time enjoying the sunshine and company. The boys were totally into their project and it gave us time to chat with everyone at the market. perfect! We strolled downtown and bit and then hit a local park. On the way home we decided the perfect ending to the day would be a mom and son ice cream date.


marciamarcia said...

Loved the day. Couldn't have been better to be a tourist in our town with people who are curious, interesting, and so friggin fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lisa Spector said...


Roni said...

LOVE the water fountain shot! TOO cute!


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