Early to bed, early to rise.

Recently on FaceBook my status was Lisa "is a morning person. how in the world did that happen?"

I got "you lie" from my sister and "no way!" from a friend. Gee, thanks guys! Mornings were kicking my butt. One of the kids would usually stand bedside and stare at me, then start poking me or in the case of Sassy would sometimes just yell "MOOOOOOOM?!?" in the hallway. I'd drag myself out of bed and stumble into the living room, throw on the TV and try to shake off my sleepiness. Not my idea of how to greet the new day.

Something had to change.

This month I joined the 30 days of [blank] challenge and I decided to dedicate 15 min. of time to myself everyday. Little by little my Me Time began around sunrise and before little munchkin feet hit the ground. So in reality, I'm getting waaay more than 15 measly minutes and I'm getting the benefit of another habit: waking up early everyday. I'm doing my blog writing, on-line reading, thinking about my day and what I need to do, and hanging out with the cat. I get my coffee, look out the window and soak in the morning, and check out the sunrise. Now THAT is my idea of greeting the new day. Sometimes I just sit on the back porch and enjoy the coolness of the dewy morning since we don't have central air conditioning and it's been sweaty hot everyday.

And as you know, BigBoy is starting school next week and needs to be curbside just before 8 a.m. This is a HUGE change for us. I need to be up and ready for the day- prepared to organize the troops. If I'm in a frenzy, the kids will be too. Yelling "Come on, we need to GO!" isn't exactly setting them up a great start.

I'm usually up around 6:15 nowadays, but I'd like to be up by 6 on a regular basis: get my work out done and still have some free time. It might need to be 5:45 which pains me as I write that. But I know mornings are where it's at for me and getting stuff done. Nights just seem to fly by... dinner, bath, bedtime. And then I'm beat or totally unmotivated. I've also started to meander back to flylady. Why I do this to myself is beyond me. But I love that she has you plan out your life to be more orderly. This speaks to me. So BigDaddy and I actually mapped out our daily schedule. Volleyball season creates such a crazy schedule for us, if we don't plan it, it won't happen. And even then, sometimes things just don't happen. In typical lunzygras fashion, I'm sharing the ever so exciting details with my Loyal Seven.

Wake up:
Me- 6
BigDaddy- 6:30
BigBoy- 7
Sassy when sassy wants. ;)

Nap for Sassy around 1

Dinner around 5/5:30
Bath around 7

Sassy- 8
BigBoy-8:30 (these may be adjusted, but for now, this is the game plan)
Me- asleep by 10:30, BD asleep by 11.

I might be able to get BB off for the day and then workout after he's gone since it will only be 8 and Sassy is pretty happy to watch or do yoga with mommy :) We'll just have to see what works best.

I'm hoping to get BB's lunches packed the night before and it should be a snap since I ordered the laptop lunch box. Yep, I just went for it instead of hemming and hawing my way through it, only to realize they're out of stock when I go to buy them. btw- I ALWAYS do a google search for coupons when I buy on-line. Found a 20% off coupon for the laptop lunchbox systems ideal55. SCORE! I got one for Sassy too.

So back to my morning time... we'll have to see how the reality of school will play into this, but I'm glad to have a head start. This week we will be scaling back bedtime and taste testing lunches. Can you feel the excitement?!

Some inspiration for you to become a morning person, if you so choose:

One of my new favorite blogs: 10 Benefits of Rising Early from zenhabits.com.

How To Wake Up Early, the blog. Of course someone has a blog about getting up early!

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Anonymous said...

I am and always was a morning person. But now I have become a nighttime one as well. I wake up on my own around 6am and then do walk if so motivated. Nice when the kids are really grown and grand kids aren't moved here yet. Now that I take a sleep aid I sleep the whole night through and enter rem sleep finally. Now I can stay up and watch TV until around 11, instead of a nap and fading around 9pm. Some advantages of getting up early. It is quiet everywhere. The streets are filled with walkers and dogs. By noon most days I am through with all my errands and I can read, catch up with TIVO or go to a movie. I am giving all you "younguns" hope. There is a light at the end of the childhood tunnel. But be sure and enjoy the flurry, madness and all the adventures of their childhood. You can't get it back and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. It seems literally like yesterday and my sons are 36 and 38.


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