Well, looky there!

We have watermelons! As part of my Mother's Day present, we went to the Mennonite Nursery and picked out plants for the yard. BigBoy insisted on getting watermelon plants. Really? Watermelons? Okay, fine, but we are putting them on the back of our house away from everything else. When they weren't growing as fast as the garden plants were, we figured it was a bust. I consulted with my personal gardening mentor (my step-dad) who said they take quite of bit of time to grow. So we figured we would do a wait-n-see. On our trip to CA they exploded!

But unfortunately, so did our weeds. sigh...

And the bird's nest has been abandoned yet again. The Blue Jays built it first with thick sticks, but I don't think ever laid any eggs. The Robins swooped in and added some fluff and little twigs and called it Home. But now the chicks are on their own. Just an empty nest now. I still look out the window every time I walk into our bathroom; still expecting to see Mama and Papa Robin and the three little scrawny necks popping up for worms. sniff, sniff. Our little baby's all growns up.

And then I stopped for a moment and realized who we were all really, REALLY missing from our yard...

This guy:

Zip, please, please tell your Mama she needs to board you at school again this year. pretty please. We have peppermints and apples waiting for you. We promise to do lots of activities in the backyard to keep you entertained. I'll even pet you EVERY time I see you hanging around the fence. Pinky Promise!


Anonymous said...

Watermelons, I am impressed. I have squash for Halloween and Japanese cucumbers, two types of tomatoes and romaine lettuce. Seem to all be doing well so far. I planted them in an old claw foot bathtub I have in my backyard as a decoration.

Lisa Spector said...

Don't be impressed! LOL we haven't done a thing to any of the plants. We've had rain on and off all summer. I love the bathtub idea! I bet it looks great!


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