Weekend Warriors!

This weekend we kicked some major booty! Go Team Spector!

I started my 30-Day Challenge and on Saturday, Day 1 of taking 15 min. each day for myself. I sat outside drinking my coffee and enjoying the morning cool. Sassy found me at about 13 minutes (2 shy of my goal) but for Day 1, I'll take it! Yesterday I hid out in our guest room, lay down on the bed and listened to the rain. I was trying to nap, but it didn't work, so I settled for rainy calmness. This morning I woke up before the entire family and had over an hour by myself. I'm still in shock! I did some on-line maintenance junk and starting writing this post. woo hoo! I might actually try to wake up before everyone on a regular basis since I'm feeling better and everyone seems to be sleeping later than normal- a total bonus from being on West Coast Time for almost 3 weeks. Anyone else decide to do the challenge? I want to hear about it!

I'm back in my blogging groove, finally! It feels soo wonderful to have this outlet again. I didn't realize how much I missed it and YOU, my Loyal Seven. You guys rock! I'm working on a research heavy (lots of links) post, but it should be up later this week. Anything YOU are interested it or curious about? Drop me a line at lunzy@lunzygras.com or leave a comment here and I'll do my best to address it.

My favorite weekend project is our Family Command Center (don't mind the table, just keepin' it real, people):

I simply love it! I see it before I walk out the door and I smile. It makes me happy. The whole set-up was ridiculously cheap. I had everything I needed on hand already, minus the white board/cork board combo, which only cost $8 at my favorite close-out center, Ollies. But right now is perfect for finding dorm room organizational pieces and supplies anywhere due to Back To School. I used 4large 3M hooks (bags), 3 medium sized hooks (keys), and 1 small hook (for the bucket). I got the small metal bucket (for the white board pens) at Target for a buck in their dollar zone forever ago. New board pens, and some push pins a la WallyWorld. I already had the shoe basket, just needed to clean it out (and put all the shoes that spawned more shoes back into our collective closets.) On a side note... I loooove these 3M Command Hooks I seriously have them in every size. I've used them for Christmas Stockings on the fireplace, hooks for dress-up clothes on our brick, basement walls, to hang up our homeschool calendar, towel hooks in the kids rooms, everything. They're great and pretty cheap.

I also kept going and cleaned up our dish hutch and turned it into more of a desk area with space for our laptop and office/mail supplies. I love it! I doubt if I'll ever actually use it as a desk, but maybe for paying bills. At least the laptop has a home!! It also a good space to hold important mail. I still want to add some wall file folder holders and a small basket cup thingy for outgoing things.

The hooks: #1 mama's purse, #2 Sassy's backpack that will arrive soon and is basically the same as the one pictured, only pink, of course, #3 BigBoy's backpack that hasn't arrived yet, #4 our cloth shopping bags. Big Daddy got a tub under the desk area for his work bag and all the random things that come and go between our house and his office. It's a nice big catch-all for his stuff, which is usually larger and heavier.

I cleaned up our Household Family Binder and reorganized my Recipe Binder. Have I ever confessed to you my obsession with office supplies? Throw me in an Office Depot for the afternoon and I'm a happy girl. FWIW, Lowes works just as well for my Inner Home Improvement DIYer that hasn't materialized just yet. I worked on our menu plan for the next two weeks and it's almost done! BigDaddy rocked my laundry world and the kids' rooms are cleaned. Yeah!! It feels great to start the week off like this!


Roxanne said...

I love what you did! Chloe starts kidergarten...(private school, ouch on the budget) so I really need to get organized. Our house does not have enough storage, so I am always looking for ideas. Our shoe ple is out of control!

Karin McDermott said...

I thought of you and sat on the front porch yesterday and read the paper...alone!!!! What shall I do today?

Flor said...

Wow! It looks great! Thanks for the idea, I always "throw" the diaper bag/purse on the pool table, that is perfect!

Deb said...

-->I was just thinking about how much fun it would be to go back to school shopping for supplies right now. Too bad, no one in my house is starting school anytime soon. I still may go........for something!


Shawndra Russell said...

This is off topic but made me think of you...http://www.seedecolounge.com/. Savannah's first eco-friendly bar! We checked it out last week and they had a delicious cucumber martini. Everything was recycled materials and pretty chill.

Anonymous said...

Great tips Lisa. Love your blog entries.

Lisa Spector said...

Rox- You should do it! I love it!

Karin- Do anything that gives you peace of mind and a few min. of YOU. My favorite has been grabbing my coffee and checking out my garden and sitting on the back porch.

Flor- You guys have that wall by the pool table, back wall of the office. You could do it there!

Deb-I think this weekend is the Tax Free Weekend for school supplies and clothes (under $100 per piece). Go for it!

Lisa Spector said...

Shawndra- that looks so cool! And they are on twitter, sweet! I REALLY want to get back to Savannah, especially since you are there now too!

Madge-Thanks for the blog luv!


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