A better plan.

I admit it. I was all fired up and yet, I haven't done much since my last post.  I got sick.  My body gave up and forced me to slow down. forced me to get some much needed rest. forced me to sit on the couch and play on Facebook.

But this proves to me that I am taking excellent care of the family. I'm the only one sick so that must mean that everyone else is sleeping well because when they get up they get mommy and go right back to sleep, eating well since I did manage to do a meal plan but haven't really eaten much of it because I forget to eat or am sick, and feel totally at ease and comfortable in their work/school place because we all know who is putting out all the "fires" and coordinating all the parental homework.

I was feeling all woe-is-me, but then BigBoy jumped off the school bus and announced that his friend (and our down the street neighbor) had told him to meet outside to play. Okay, now what.  I can't lounge around on the couch.  I can't be all sicky. But I CAN sit on the back porch and just hang out.  So it was decided: our yard, stay out of the messy, germ infested house, and be nice to Sassy. 

It worked!  The kids all, pretty much, got along and were swinging and running around.  And then magic happened. They found the Crown Jewel of all playthings.... a cardboard box.  I love how kids turn a box into a million different things... this box was a cat cage (???), a tunnel, and finally a roller coaster when combined with the slide--and of course with a set of cool space goggles.  How could my pity party go on when I have kids totally excited about a cardboard box, space roller coaster? I mean, really. 

The impromptu play time made a world of difference for all of us.  BigBoy played with his older friend he doesn't get to see during school time (only on the bus), Sassy got some social time in, and Mom ended her pity party and got up off her sick booty.  Since they were outside, I didn't feel so guilty letting the munchkins watch a show while I got dinner going and they both had great appetites for dinner.  The laundry stayed in the pile it was in. The bath toys were still a mess in the tub. Dinner was not started early. Not the game plan, but a better plan.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like an impromptu plan worked well. Is Greg not available to help put clothes in washer or empty bathtub toys? :) Glad you are feeling better. There is an old saying that is never on a grave maker- "I should have worked more" I believe your job as a stay at home mom is much more work than all jobs. Let the men try it and then they would be more appreciative and try and help more if they aren't doing their share. Just my 2 cents. Love you lots.


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