my confession.

I have a confession to make. I shouldn't be driving my vehicle of choice. I'm a big fat faker. I shouldn't be allowed to drive around town in my Honda Odyssey since I'm technically not a soccer mom. Last year,I was totally legit. We did a Saturdays only soccer session at the Y and loved it. But this year I'm the un-soccer mom.  It wasn't happening.  I thought about it for about two seconds and realized it just sounded absurd to add it to our Fall mix and I thanked my lucky stars this Saturday that I didn't sign up.  I had a relapse of my can't-get-rid-of-this-stupid-sickness.  And Yeah! I didn't have to schlep my way to soccer for kinders. We stayed in jammies all day and watched movies, played wii and built train cities.

I'm pretty happy letting BigBoy run down the backyard stretch and playing with our neighbors at will instead of structured, organized play.  We are lucky to live in a area where we can do that. We also have a lot of friends with kids the same age and can have last minute play time after school-- since they aren't at soccer or dance either (okay, one is, but it's only one day a week.) By the end of the week we NEED to veg out together on the weekends. Spend family time together. Be totally lazy and not have a jam packed day.  Or go on a day trip. I couldn't even imagine having 1-2 practices during the week (when he doesn't even get home until 3:45) and then games every Saturday. I'm overwhelmed as it is! Let alone lugging Sassy to everything and personally having to BE at all the practices and games since BigDaddy is MIA in the Fall. No thanks. I think I'll pass.

So will this scar him forever? He hasn't asked about it once yet. So I doubt it. Will he be behind developmentally in the sports category? Not likely. He's 5 1/2. He has so much time to figure out what he wants to do. And he's surrounded by coaches and plays in a gym for a good part of his life. When he starts pushing for it, I might cave. But until then I'll be the un-soccer mom in the soccer mom mobile.  Kicken back in my jammies on Saturday morning. Being totally lazy and hanging with my family. You won't rat me out, right?


Rachel said...

I have to say I'm with you on this one. This is our first year with soccer and WOW, I'm shocked at how much craziness it adds to our week. Although I have to admit that Noah, while he has fun playing, isn't going to be the next Beckham, so I'm already thinking he won't mind sitting out next season. ;-)

Nikki said...

It really is nice to just give the kids time to be kids....roam...play..read! We are all about letting the kids try things they love but skipping the stuff that drains our family time!

Anonymous said...

Jack and Ryan love soccer but it is only one hour on Sundays (half hour practice followed by a half hour game). Gymnastics on Monday and that is it. They are in school from 9:00am until 2:30 and then they play on the block with the neighbor kids. Lots of bike riding and sports and looking for snails.
Too much is too much and whatever works for the family is the right answer. I still love my jammies any day of the week.


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