Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food - TIME

I took a day off from lunzygras yesterday (I've been trying to post M-W-F every week.)  My day kicked my booty: two children getting ready for school, me getting ready to look presentable, volunteering at K, picking up Sassy, running to the farm for a few things, trying to clean-up, revamping another blog's page that wasn't showing up in IE right, playdate as soon as BigBoy got off the bus and had a snack, dinner, bath, bed. I was done.  So instead, I'm sharing this wonderful article that I posted on Facebook.  Great read and spells it our eating habits in plain speak, you don't even have to read an entire book now for this info.  I hope you enjoy the read and hope even more that it will make you think about what and how you are eating.

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Anonymous said...

Great article even though it is truly scary. I eat so little meat I feel good about it but of course I am sure fish and poultry gets the same treatment.
If I think of these things everyday plus the healthcare plus the right wing, I would be hopeless and I like to remain in the "hope" place.

Anonymous said...

So tough to eat "right" now...I'm afraid to even KNOW what's in half of what we eat...we try to go organic...as much as we can...

Nikki said...

Thanks for the article. Can't get folks to read the books I read but an article might work! And so I posted it on facebook too and shared it already.

Lisa Spector said...

Madge- We have a poultry processing plant in town. ick.

Booshy- Welcome! Yes, it's a lot to think about, but baby steps. do what you can and then move along. Here's something that might help:

Nikki- That's why I loved this article. A book is overwhelming to a lot of people who aren't interested. but an article? much easier sell. :)


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