Happy Birthday Sassy!

Tom Petty Cash.  Yep. You heard read me. Tom Petty Cash.  It's one of the strange quirky things that mothers remember about their babies' birth (or a moment on the adoption path.)  We were in the hospital watching Wheel of Fortune in the room.  Now Wheel comes on at 7 p.m. in Indy.  Sassy was born at 7:14 PM (and weighed 8-14 and born on 9/14)  So at some point in those 14 min. of Wheel Watchin' I solved the "before and after" puzzle before anyone else. Tom Petty Cash. And I think at that point I was the only one paying attention to the TV.  I yelled out "TOM PETTY CASH!!" totally pumped that I got it before BigDaddy. maybe because he was focused on our DAUGHTER being born.  At any rate. I beat him to the punch. And delivered a baby at the same time.  Try and top that!
Happy Birthday Sassy Girl!

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Anonymous said...

Wish Sassy Happy Birthday from Auntie Madge. Hope she liked the gift.


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