Hunkerin' down

It's deja vu all over again....

BigDaddy traveling for work.
searching for the sleds.
crazy people at the grocery store.

It isn't enough that BigBoy has been out of school this past month more than he's been in school-- or so it seems.  Or that he hasn't been in school one.single.day.this.week. Nooooo.  We need to bust open the can of weather whoop ass and snow 18-28 inches in the Valley.  Just when BigDaddy needs to travel out of town. of course.

But this time I'm ready. 

I fought off the hordes of senior citizens pushing their mini-shopping carts at Kroger and stocked up with 10,000 boxes of Kleenex, coffee, eggs, bread, milk and organic baby carrots.  Toss in some generic flour for making play-dough, crafty things for constructing valentines, a few games of Candyland and Sorry, a recipe for homemade granola bars and some Kahlua for MamaBear. I'm ready for Mother Nature to take over our lives yet again. 

Or so I thought.  We all woke up sick this morning.  of course.  good thing I beat Ethel to the 10,000 boxes of Kleenex. 

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Anonymous said...

Feel better. It has been raining even in sunny Southern California. Not snow but messy none the less. I was in my pajamas most of the day only venturing to my Mom's and the bank. I painted for 2 hours with my teacher. Relaxing is so nice in my empty house.
Have a warm night and cozy day tomorrow.


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