Snowpocalypse 2010

We survived Snowpocalypse 2010!  BigDaddy made it to Philly safe and sound and the munchkins and I didn't totally freak out after being snowbound all weekend.  Hooray!

It's really amazing how much a community can shine in these moments.  My neighbors rock. My town rocks. My IGA rocks!  They were totally re-stocked and ready to go on Saturday. Saturday, people! For being in the Kinda Country, we really scored in the neighborhood department.  I had people calling to check on me and the kiddos, Menfolk shoveling out my driveway for me, and friends to keep me company and to enjoy the gorgeous aftermath with.  

Friday the kids and I, okay mainly just me, did a series of silly photos to keep us entertained as the storm gained ground.  I was stuffy and sleepy with stuffy and hacky kids. In a snowstorm.  Yeah Me! So in addition to raiding the craft box, baking, watching movies and playing wii, I played with dolls. In the snow. You can see the stream here.  Belle is still MIA, but if the Search and Rescue Team comes up empty handed we should find her by the end of the month.

BigDaddy comes home today and I'm excited for all of us to enjoy our Winter Wonderland together.  I don't think BigBoy will be back to school until Thursday, that's what I'm banking on anyway.  It's closed for today and we should be getting more snow tomorrow morning.  I'm thinking I might even try out some new recipes for you guys as we have more down time.  I need to get back into the kitchen and start experimenting again.  One neighbor is making homemade yogurt now.  Another gave us homemade marshmallows.  really ladies? They are totally raising the bar and I'm not too happy about it.  I need some great skills.

Today I'm attempting Mexican Hot Cocoa Mix.  Maybe that's my niche... all things Mexican. I AM a Mexi-Germ after all.  I can represent! Although, it's not something I've mastered and I'm actually better at Jewish cuisine. hmm... back to the kitchen drawing board.

Stay warm, dry and toasty!
~ lunzy


Shannen said...

I'm trying to embrace the storm as well! Lots of reading, cooking/eating and playing! I think I'm out all week with work as well. Good luck with the 2nd round and have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

I emailed these pics to my friend who works at Mattel (she works in marketing Barbie's). I thouoght they were so funny. Very creative snow play. Hope you find Belle.


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