National De-lurking Day!

Okay, so I just made that up.  But I notice I have lots of visitors... HOORAY, but not even my Loyal Seven are sending comment luv. I think I now have the Loyal Three. What's up with that?

So your challenge today.... Say hello!  Tell me you exist.  It's really not scary, I promise.  But it will help me feel like I'm not just talking to myself all the time.  What are you interested in?  Where do you live? What's on your mind? I'm feeling a little blah and would love to put on my Research Geek hat, while I'm not re-reading my "homework" for our Twilight Tour 2010.

Edited to add: So apparently I'm not as creative as I thought!  There was an actual Delurking Day 2010!  Ha!  Since I missed it, we shall celebrate today. TYVM.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Not sure if I'm in the 3 or the 7. Anyway, just sitting here playing FB games. It's raining outside and cozy inside. Joe & his best bud are talking on the phone while they play Wizard 101 on their computers. Like mother like son, pretty typical times around here. I should be cleaning house, doing laundry, and cooking some fabulous healthy, hearty food. Uh, maybe in a little bit! Sending love your way! I think I forgot my goodle identity. It's me ChrisLS :)

Shannen said...

Hey Lisa...I'm still here! :) My visits aren't as regular as they used to be but I am still around and I play catch up whenever I visit! :)

Anonymous said...

Still here...I always read your blog, just don't take the time to comment. This week I'm spending our Spring Break trying to potty train little man. Any suggestions for potty training a boy...so far it's different than the girls and I'm at a bit of a loss??

Oooh...and I love the healthy eating/lifestyle posts. We are working on that with our family as well, just not nearly as successful as yours yet.

Laura H in Fishers :)

Lisa Spector said...

11 visitors and 3 comments. see??

Chris- You are both, Loyal 3 & 7!

Shannen- :) Congrats again!

Laura- Hi! I'm going to send you a message via FB. Ultimately, I waited until he told me he was ready. As for the diet stuff, It's been baby steps for sure. You guys have more challenges to begin with though! Change one little thing, then move on to another.

Nikki said...

Sorry! I have done a quick check each time I get an update message from your blog. Very fun...just usually in a hurry heading to get off the computer and head out for lecture at the college, nursing clinicals at the hospital, or family fun times! I do check it though...just haven't been great lately about leaving any love!

Anonymous said...

I am always here.

Jim said...

Hola! Happy Spring. Visit me back!


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