gone fishin'

Sassy's ready for her 1st trip to Disneyland!
Time for a little bloggie break again.  My plate is pretty full... CA trips, BigDaddy working camps, BigDaddy's own camp, moving, having two munchkins full time while flying solo....  and I'm melting.  it's.just.so.hot.

I keep feeling guilty that I'm not getting to lunzygras at all these days.  So to stop the guilt, I'm giving myself a Get Out of Jail Free card. again.  But do not fear, I have so much on my plate that includes FUN stuff too that I will absolutely have to blog about.  One week from today I will have gone to the Eclipse midnight premiere (triple feature thankyouverymuch) eeeeeck!  And soon we will be doing the Family Olympics again in CA.  And then....drum roll please.....  Twilight Tour 2010.  eeeeeck!  And I already have some fun stuff planned for the travel blogposts.

I don't have a garden at all this year, sniff, sniff. It's too hot to really go anywhere, and my house is half filled with packed moving boxes.  I've got a million phone calls to make, emails to send, stuff to mail. sigh.  So Loyal Seven, know that I will be back, but just not too often right now.

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Anonymous said...

Totally understand but as always will miss your writings.


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