Total Eclipse of the non-beating heart.

***quickie post. You Loyal Seven know I just HAVE to talk about the Eclipse Premiere!***

Back in November I harassed my friends to no end about going to the New Moon midnight premiere.  "Really guys?? A midnight showing for that??  And you have on matching shirts?! Bwwahaha!" 

And then a month later, I saw the light.  The beautiful sparkly Twilight.  I converted. I became one of them, a Twilighter, and found my sisterhood. Excuse me while I take a bite of this lovely piece of humble pie...  

Tonight is the night many of us have been waiting for.  The midnight premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.  [insert teenybopper-esque squealing and clapping and a little jumping] Not only will I be attending the premiere, my group is seeing a triple feature with Twilight and New Moon beforehand.  We have our matching t-shirts it wasn't planned, pinky promise, and I'm the purveyor of Volturi body shimmer (see photo-- long skinny box on the right side; Thanks R.B.!).  I really can't make this stuff up.

surprise New Moon goody box from one of BigDaddy's friends!

Tonight, I gladly trade my world of feuding munchkins for feuding vampires and werewolves, to join my sistas in a dark movie theater for more than six hours. I'm excited to be a part of this world-wide phenomenon. To be in the not-so-secret-club of Twilighters or Fanpires, Twi-Moms, Twi-Hards, Cullenists... and to get out of the house and to have an interest is something that is completely about ME and my quieros. To be given permission to wear matching t-shirts, black nail polish and Volturi body shimmer and say this is gonna be the best.night.EVAH!  and then I'll giggle with my girlfriends and say "I totally <3 Edward!!" [insert more squealing, clapping, and jumping.]


ChrisLS said...

Enjoy your swoon!

Anonymous said...

You are way tooooooooooooooo funny about this. But the author never imagined her dreams literally would take her this far.

Have a bloody good time.

Lisa Spector said...

Chris- sooo much swooning!

Madge- they are vegetarians, not too much blood. ;) It was the best time I've ever had watching a movie(s). so. much. fun!


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