BFSV- San Juan Islands and my BFF!

BFFs at Deception Pass Bridge.
Finally getting some more free time..... Big Fat Summer Vacation recap continues:

We headed out north from Seattle to the San Juan Islands.  I had never been there, had never even heard of the area until my BFF from high school, Nikki, moved there with her family years ago.  As you may remember, Nikki was the person who kicked the TwiTour into gear.  She's the one who many months ago suggested the trip-- post Snowpocalypse, when I was a newbie TwiMom

It had been about 13 years since we’ve seen each other, not that you would know from seeing us together.  You would think we just saw each other the week before. It was easy, natural and above all fun. I couldn't believe how much I missed her until I was right there with her again.  It’s like a piece of me was back in place. And her husband Matt was wonderful and her kids!  FIVE of 'em!  All awesomely awesome and funny and chock full of personality. 
We arrived the day before, crossed over to Fidalgo Island from mainland Washington and passed through the bountiful Skagit County (about 2 hours total from Seattle.)  It’s easy to see why so much grows here.  And did I mention how Gawgeous it is? Anacortes is north Puget Sound and the eastern base of the San Juan Islands (you take ferries to all the islands from Anacortes.)  

After getting settled in and eating an d’lish dinner (yeah! Finally a home-cooked meal and LOTS of fresh berries) we headed over to Deception Pass Bridge and took a little tour of the area.  Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. We stopped by Rosario Beach to get a lesson in Sea Glass Collecting 101.  She gave us the island tour and it was easy to see why they loved the area so much.
Eddie found some sea glass at Rosario Beach.
Our first full day we took off with Nikki (thanks Matt for taking one for the team!)and head out to the San Juans on a ferry to Orcas Island.  The views are spectacular, of course, and the sun made it’s appearance the second we drove off the ferry. We were so lucky and had great weather the entire trip. First we stopped at Eastsound and walked around the super-cute village and grabbed a bite at Rose's Bakery & Cafe.  Unbeknownst to BigDaddy and I, a foodie stop.  As we drove up to Mt. Constitution we had killer views of the islands and surrounding area. Nikki had told us this would be one of the best vantage points for viewing the entire area.  She did not lie.

Awesome view atop Mt. Constitution.  (Hi Shauna in the background!)

We stopped over at Doe Bay for some more great views.  There's a resort there and some chairs to sit in while you enjoy the view.  I look over at BigDaddy and say "Oh hey! Get Edward out!!"  A woman next to me with her son just stared at me.  When she saw the doll she cracked up.  Apparently she thought Edward was a real person, only DEAD, and that we were about to bust out an urn to spread ashes!  Never a dull moment with Eddie!

Eddie and I, sans ashes.
 Our time there was so easy and relaxed.  We were with good friends and just enjoyed being there.... the fun stuff was a bonus.  Nikki and Matt are providing their kids with the most amazing childhood… walks to beaches, wooded trails, searching for sea glass, spotting Bald Eagles and looking for Orcas. So what do you do for a vacation??  

The next day we had her crew with us and went digging for clams (and looking for seaglass) and came back with a full bounty.  Nikki went to work making the butter wine sauce. YUM! We also went to Guemes Island (a super quick ferry ride) to find more seaglass.  They're pretty obessed with their seaglass hunting if you hadn't noticed, but for good reason.  It's addicting I tell ya!

Adding Claming Superstars to our resumes.

Eddie raking for clams.

Clams, clams and more clams. and wine. and butter. and bread. jealous??

Nikki and Matt are providing their kids with the most amazing childhood… walks to beaches, wooded trails, searching for sea glass, spotting Bald Eagles and looking for Orcas. So what do you do for a vacation??  

Unfortunately, the moment I was dreading came to be.  We had to say goodbye to our friends. sniff, sniff.  We had a blast and I really tried to soak in every moment with Nik.  I've already checked out flights from DC back to Seattle.  Lylas girlfriend!;)
Up Next: Twilight Tour. Squeal!!


Nikki said...

MISS YOU TOO!!!!! And by the way...that huge Sea Glass Green piece in my recent Doe Bay Stay on Orcas Island was from the Sea Glass Nazi Beach! You know the one we stopped at and didn't find much in our quick look with you. Apparently we didn't stay long enough. TONS...especially when you take a stick and look near the driftwood. WOW. My dad bought the girls and I sea glass necklaces from the sea glass nazi herself too! So funny.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, these are fabulous stories. SO glad you got away and grandma for watching them for so long. I just did three days with three kids and I am beat. 10 days or so with two is too much.

Lisa Spector said...

Nik- Classic! Was she nicer to you guys this time??

Madge- My mom is either insane or a saint! She also grabbed my neice and nephew and took them all camping!


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