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Can you see him sparkle??
After our Get out of Dodge as fast as you can driving on Day 1, we found ourselves in a place with non-stop construction and non-stop bad driving-- Welcome to Portland, Oregon!  It took us hooooouuurs to get to Seattle from Eugene due to the plethora of construction sites and accidents and throw in a bunch of horrible drivers to the mix and it was stop-n-go.  The only things that saved Portland from the wrath of Lunzy were Voodoo Doughnuts and Rick's Wild Seafood food cart.  I will forgive you this time Portland, but next time, you watch out.   (go ahead and click on those links and see the tastiness you're missing out on...)

We finally made it to Renton, WA--- home of Jimi Hendrix and our friend Ken (AKA the only guy in the greater Seattle area that doesn't drink coffee)  It was wonderful seeing him again and Ken has got to be one of the nicest guys evah.  Not only was his bachelor pad MamaBear friendly (sans the coffee--- grrrr) he had a Twilight themed welcome gift for me!!  Squeal!  We headed out for some dinner and drinks, with Eddie in tow of course.... The Rock for foodstuff and then A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub for cocktails and pool.  

Eddie hanging with the boys at The Rock.
sidenote: I have to tell you, BigDaddy put some major blinders on me during this trip.  He didn't tell me how much a single thing was costing. We used our profit from summer camp craziness and I had no idea what we made and he wasn't going to tell me anything til we got home.  This was probably the first time in the entire time we've been together that I wasn't freaking out about money, especially during a trip.  We decided to just not worry about it and basically just eat where we wanted and do what we wanted (within in reason of course, a girl can't completely change her stripes...)  I was happy to relinquish the money hat to BigDaddy for a while and just enjoy the trip.
Saturday morning we decided to head out to Bainbridge Island via the WA Ferry System for brunch. Where are you McDreamy??  Ken made reservations at Cafe Nola. Holy Yum!  I ordered the Crab Eggs Benedict covered in Hollandaise sauce, which guarantees BigDaddy won't take a single bite.  But thankfully he always shares with me, because I decided after trying his dish, that my new life mission in life is to recreate this creamy polenta. You hear that Cafe Nola??  I'm hooking up the East Side with creamy polenta! I had never had creamy polenta, but I could have ordered a side dish, or two, of just the creamy polenta and been in my happy place forever more.

Eddie enjoying the "raw meal" and Purple Haze.
We strolled about and then headed out via Bremerton Island. Say that 10 times fast.  On our way back home we paid homage to Mr. James Marshall Hendrix and then hung out at Casa de Ken for a bit before sushi night. Oh Sushi, how I've missed you...  We facebooked a request for good, but not crazy expensive, sushi in Seattle and my sister found the place I Love Sushi (Lake Union) via Yelp and Chowhound. For reals? The place is called I Love Sushi?? But the reviews were all pretty positive, it was on the water and casual.  Plus we got a last minute reservation for the sushi bar. score!  I have to admit, though I Love Sushi sounds like it should be located in a mall food court, the place rocked!  Super yummy sushi, friendly waitstaff and sushi chef and prices were okay-- not dirt cheap but not too pricey.  Good work Sis!  I went to bed in my sushi coma and let the boys chatter into the night...

Up Next: The San Juan Islands!

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