I'm a shlumpadinka!

So I get to thank Oprah again for having a show "speak to me". I'm a shlumpadinka. BUT I moved up from hanging out in my sweats/pj pants (if we didn't have plans to leave the house) to getting dressed in jeans, tennis shoes (which O bagged on too) and decent shirt. So it's improvement, but I've still only been promoted to shlumpadinka. Yes, it's a bit on the frumpy side, but we're talking babysteps remember?

When I first started getting dressed everyday, BigBoy would look at me and say "where are we going mommy??" all excited. poor child. Such a novelty to see mommy dressed in street clothes. Now that I'm actually getting dressed everyday no matter what, my next step is to tweak it a bit and upgrade. So yes, I'm a shlumpadinka and PROUD of it ;) Hey at least I don't have any mom jeans!! (pictured on left)

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