Mommy Survival Mode

Another show actually spoke to me recently--my favorite show, Brothers & Sisters. Kitty Walker is a stepmom and her two kids are totally sick and she is too. She calls mom to ask what she should do. Nora Walker starts to remind her about when she was little and had chicken pox. Kitty says, I remember you made me chicken soup, put a cool washcloth on my forehead and rubbed Calamine lotion all over me. Nora informs her what she doesn't remember is that she was sick too, and her siblings also had the chicken pox. Her motherly advice. "Suck it up." Sometimes when you are a mom you just have to suck it up.

This episode aired on a long weekend that Greg left the state for a tournament and I had to just survive the weekend sick with two semi-sick and very bored kids. It was horrible. I really was just getting up to get ready to eat, nap and then go to bed to get ready to do it all over again. I forced the babe down for two naps a day for some downtime for me. Which of course meant she woke up a few times at night. uuuugh. This is when Sacramento looks REALLY good to me. The idea to actually have help available when needed. What a concept. Thankfully I have surrounded myself with wonderful friends and the people from our preschool are amazing. But that's like in case of an emergency type of help. I don't have any run of the mill "I feel like crap and need help, can you come over" help. So I suck it up.

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