Preschool Politics

“Hey mommy! That’s Barack Obama!!” There was a commercial on Noggin for the results of the Nick Pick for President and Obama won. I was so happy for a few reasons:

1) BB recognized his face.

2) He remembered his name perfectly. FWIW, he also knows who John McCain is (but botches his name up every time for some reason).

3) He was recalling our conversation from last week about voting for president (the boss of our country).

I think this rocks. I want him to know what's going on but some adults seem clueless. It’s interesting when you have to scale down your thoughts to a 4 y.o. level.

These men are running for president of the United States. We live in the US, remember we live in the state of VA (okay it’s actually a commonwealth, but we won’t go there yet). We used to live in Indiana, another state, and your grandparents all in California, another state. All of our states are in our country, the United States. Remember when mommy and daddy went to Argentina? That’s another country. (this is all review btw, but you know some things stick and others don’t) So, mommy and daddy and other grown-ups get to vote, make a choice, on who we want to be president, the boss of our country.

“Well I’m voting for John McCaiman!” Well (thankfully) you can’t vote yet, because you have to be a grown up.

Mommy and Daddy are voting for Barack Obama, he is talking to a lot of people here today (we were driving past The Big University and there was a rally). He is trying to get everyone excited and get them to vote for him. The other guy is John McCain. Mommy used to like him a lot a long ago, but now he likes different things than mommy and daddy. Like what? Well he wants to fight more and we don’t. And mommy and daddy think people should be able to make some choices and he doesn’t think so. (And his running mate makes me ill and does the white woman overbite while trying to dance and seem cool on SNL and has a creepy wink…. But I digress)

BB: “so John McCaiman is a bad guy?” No, he’s not a bad guy, mommy and daddy just don’t agree with him. He has different plans. “Because he fights all the time?” Well, no, HE doesn’t fight all the time (I don’t think his heart could handle it), but he wants to have other men fight more. BB: “Barack Obama is nice. But I’m voting for John McCaiman.” Okay, so why would you vote for him? “I don’t know.” Well before you vote for something, you should know why. I think I've met some adults that I could say the same thing to.

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Nadia Yvette said...

(tear) ... i love this. well said. go mama lisa!!!!


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