Just call me Kitty. MeYow!

Yesterday was quite the great day and today was our home school co-op, so I haven't been around much. (And I'm now addicted to Twitter- shhh!)

I'm not really sure if my great day started because we made a huge effort to make my morning as easy as possible, or if was just meant to be that way. The night before BigDaddy and I powered out the kitchen, shiny sink a la flylady, prepped coffee for the next morning, and picked up our "hot spot" (aka the kitchen area).

I woke up, weighed-in (SCORE!!! another pound down), pushed the button to start my nectar of the Gods and didn't have to feel guilty about not doing a single thing. The Babe was up early, as usual, but BigBoy slept past 7- this rarely happens. He must have slept well because he had my favorite goofy, sleepy grin on. pitter patter, pitter patter!

We are in the market for a swing set since we had to sell ours before our move. I decided to do a Costco run with the kids and check out the set they have. We needed to get out of the house and Costco is so big, they can usually run around a bit. So can anyone tell me if it was "I'm Almost Dead Discount Day!"? Seriously. I don't think I've EVER seen more really, REALLY, old people at Costco in my life, with the electric carts (more than one!), the whole nine. Bizarre. But of course the kids loved saying hi and old people jump right into that song and dance.

I was also "That Mom". But not like I usually am!!! That Mom you hate because her kids are so great! Go me!! The kids, with all the mega-senior attention, really laid it on thick. I'm talking ultra manners and deliciously sweet siblings. BigBoy went back to the taste tester "Excuse me, that was REALLY good! I liked it a lot!" This was after he had used AWESOME manners to ask for his sample and then one for his sister too. He's also on this Save the Earth kick. We found a cup lid in the parking lot that he absolutely had to pick up to throw away, to help the earth mom! Fine, that's wonderful and I'm running with it little man.

I managed to buy two whole things on my list, and of course lots that wasn't, but with the kids I really can't meander much anyway. It's all about the food and then how quickly we can get out. We checked out the swing set (HUGE! and major coinage) and looked for a compost bin- remember, we're helping the earth- which weren't in yet. Bought a few random things and fruit and off we went. And get this. I escaped for way under a hundred! are you jealous?

We got home to a Nap Striker. This Scab was all over it and finally got her to relent. Which brings me to my next opportunity to brag: BigBoy read his first sentence. I couldn't believe. It was in that split second that I considered home schooling forever. It was really amazing to be his teacher at that moment. I'm actually teaching this kid to read. Granted it was "see me eat". But he read!! And it was cool. The moment of reconsidering public kindergarten passed, but that moment we shared rocked my Mama world. He's totally into it and I don't force the issue, not too much anyway. His writing is really improving and it's all pretty painless. He actually LIKES it. Nikki (You can find her in my comments. It's really easy to do since she's basically the only non-stalker. You too can be like Nikki and tell me you exist, since I see my reports anyway- hint, hint.) Now where was I? Oh yah, Nikki is a Mom Superstar. Really she is. 5 kids, bless her heart. She home schooled them for quite a while so of course she was the first person I called. WHAT DO I DO?? She recommended this 100 Easy Lessons book. It's great! She's also the first person I call when I need a great recipe. I tell you. Mom Superstar.

I worked out when BigDaddy got home. I was all frazzled, needed a break, thought I needed to go shopping, but later realized I didn't yada yada yada. I still needed some me time, so I locked myself in the office, er I mean my work out/personal space room and felt worlds better. I started the second workout on Power Yoga Plus and about 5 min. into it realized it was kickin my booty. Oh yah, this was the workout I didn't do even when I was totally working out. Couldn't find my other tapes that I really like (more Denise Austin: Pilates Mat Workout and Blast Away 10 lbs. The second one is REALLY cheesy btw, even for Denise) so I tried another DVD I found cheap at WallyWorld, of course, my girl Denise again. It's actually really cool. Hit the Spot- Pilates You can pick and choose from like 7 different 10 min. workouts. I did the Core one and it was great. In a kick-your-booty kind of way. BigDaddy also made steak (4 oz portion) and potatoes for dinner. Add some vino and I'm one happy mama. I'm sore today and dragging big time. (But I lost another pound since I weighed in yesterday. Sooo worth it!)

We haven't been great about my meal plan, but we've been making smarter decisions. Today was long for me and I was beat. It was so one of those "let's just get a pizza" kind of night. But I made a pinky promise with my fellow WWer (shout out to LisAnt!) to stay on program. no. matter. what. So we compromised. Pasta (a big treat now) with low-fat clam sauce and big salad. Making dinner on the fly is much easier when we have healthy things to use for meals. A big plus is also having a husband on program with you. That's YOU BigDaddy!

I also decided to help BigDaddy with some social media stuff for his work, so I've been a little MIA on Facebook and journal/food posting. Trying to get up to speed on Twitter. I'm in love. Super fun, but I'm such a rookie and need to get the lay of the land, reading a bunch of interesting articles and finding people to follow. Also my crush on Shaq is growing with every one of his tweets. I heart him so. If you haven't checked it out, you should. Unless you actually want to get some work done. It's worse than FB. really. but just in case, follow me @sassyaztec.

So what's with the pic of Kitty from That 70s Show? I took one of those dumb quizzes someone "invited" to do on FB (FYI you can skip that step). I was curious. Guess what? I'm pretty cool...for a mom. ;)

You are doing pretty good! You know that being a strong mom is important and that you aren't perfect! You can laugh and cry with your kids! You demand respect and set a certain standard for your kids to follow! You are the MOM of the Year!

Thursdays Food:

banana, coffee w/milk. sandwich thin with lc chz 5
down a pound at weigh in!!! woo hooo!
lean steak, potatoes, shrooms and peppers. pinot. salad
ww choc. cake 1
oops! forgot lunch. santa fe rice & beans 6


Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

Friday's Food:

egg, bacon bits, spinach, lc chz, sammie. coffee w/milk 5.5
busy day! lunch veggie tacos, yogurt, granola, blueberries 9.5
really wanted to order pizza, did pasta at home instead with salad.

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

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