Birthday Wishes and Gadgets Galore

I try to limit the Idiot Box, I really do. Problem is, we all like it too much. Actually, I really don't care all the much as I rarely get to have anything on it that I'm remotely interested in. Truth is- it's easy. And it's freaking cold here. And we don't have any playgroups. And I home-school. And we don't have family here. Or friends really. (Do you feel sorry for me yet??)

So we turn to the TV to rot our brains quite a bit more than I would like, and a lot more now that we've been hitting single digits outside. It goes on first thing in the morning (usually around 6:30/7- when mommy and daddy are still waking up). Granted we watch the "educational-with-no-commercials channels" (Noggin/Disney/PBSkids).

Anyway, little by little Nickelodeon is sneaking in a bit and Discovery Kids is on for some fun bigger kid shows (Growing Up Creepy, Tutenstein) which also has commercials that we fast forward. (I DVR them) Don't get me wrong, I think most of it is still crap... and don't get me started on BigDaddy introducing Sponge Bob. Thankfully we are out of that phase. So, a few commercials are sneaking into the mix. Not just regular ol' commercials, like Chuck E. Cheese (which does not exist in our area!!- insert me doing a backflip HERE) but "As Seen on TV!" commercials. And my son has them memorized. The dialogue, the catch phrases. His birthday wish list is looking a lot like a shopping list from a drug store.

Bendaroos -"because the colors bend, and then the fun begins!"
Aqua Globes
and the best.... The Snuggie. "because it's comfortable and soft. I can get up and still stay warm"
(where's the Chi-Chi-Chi Chia Pet, right?!)

He also wants me to get the Big City Slider Station and some kapow cleaning thingy that coats your clothes in some type of super force field that knocks out stains before they can get on your shirt. WOW! I'm just waiting for Roll N Grow to be on the air again. Last year BigBoy was very concerned about me straining my back by gardening the Old Fashioned Way. Btw-many complaints, so don't get sucked in!!

I guess I can just order straight from my couch. Makes being a lazy mom even easier! (Insert me doing a backflip HERE!)

oh and I'm doing MUCH better with my WW:

back on track! egg sammie, skinny potatoes, coffee 6.5
leftover turkey meatloaf 4
2 rf chips ahoy, ww choc. cake- sweet fix! 3
tilapia, black beans and rice. fiber bar 9

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

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