The Relaxed Homeschooler

It's days like today that make me all happy and cheery. In addition to getting a bit of extra sleep (thanks BigDaddy!) the kids took over the morning... in a good way. I had planned on going downstairs to our Basement School and doing our calendar, playtime, songs and starting our Valentine's Day theme. But I can be flexible too, if we need to go in a different direction, so be it! I start to get ready for the day, feeling like we are a bit behind due to my late start. But lo and behold! The kids did their own thing, together, and without beating each other up! Hallelujah!

I'm all about play-based learning and prepping materials. That said, the kids' rooms have a ton of toys, books, puzzles, etc that are super easy to get to. I shut down the TV after breakfast and they went into the Babe's room while I took a shower. They did a ton of pretend play, took turns being a caged cat and zoo keeper, decided to sell ice cream cones to me, counted and built with blocks and then BigBoy decided to read some books to her. I couldn't believe it. They've done this before, but not for such a long stretch. MamaTeacher had a nice day off today and the kids learned from each other. Perfection! After lunch the Babe had some unfinished baking to do for us, then naptime. BigBoy did his EZ100 Reading Lesson (I feel validated in my teaching responsibilites now!) and is enjoying some computer time on PBSkidsgo.org Rock on!

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