Food review and mental notes

This past week has been much better for my "lifestyle change". :) I got back on track, eating better, and journaling my food again. And guess what? I'm down a pound again in the past few days. wow. What a concept. Don't eat all that crap and your body will be happy- even reward you!

Overall, I try to buy "all-natural" products, not necessarily "organic" but I try not to use stuff with stuff. That being said, it's tough to do that when you are watching calories and fat for WW points. I usually get the all natural for the kids at least, with the diet version (with all the crap) for me and BigDaddy. But it's surprising how many "diet" products are really the same- calorie/point-wise when you compare the products. I wanted to try some instant oatmeal that was listed as weight control. I haven't been eating as much oatmeal lately and thought this would be an easy way to incorporate it. I think I was making it too much and the kids got burnt out and I would be left with a pot of oatmeal. So that's actually my method of choice and I hadn't had instant oatmeal in the house forever. Somehow I had some instant Kashi Maple and Brown Sugar (all natural) and the kids wanted oatmeal because they saw me eating it. Mind you, this was AFTER their breakfast. So I was able to really compare. The Diet brand was almost exactly the same in nutritional value and size (diet portion was only slightly larger and 1 more gram of fiber.) The natural stuff was mushy though. so taste-wise, diet won. bummer. but it reminded me that I really need to check labels and not get suckered into the whole "DIET" "Weight Watchers" "Non/Low Fat" labels.

I also figured out I need to eat more protein. I'm such a carb freak, I tend to snack on carby things and eat cereal for breakfast, etc. When I eat an egg and have meat for lunch, I don't feel nearly has hungry. So more eggs in the morning, more oatmeal to mix it up-- mental notes. Don't eat 1/2 mini loaf of sourdough bread. (6 pts. btw).

I bought a ton of baking stuff, so I'll be trying out some recipes and will post the yummy ones here for reference.

We're supposed to have a 60 degree day, so I'm getting the house junk done and gettin' out of the house. We consider this a big ol heat wave in the dead of winter. Did you see my last post?? single digits.... like on Thursday. seriously.


egg sammie with spinach, coffee w/milk 5
ham sandwich thin, lc cheese, spinach, kashi crackers, diet green ice tea, fiber bar, clementine. 7
swiss miss diet hot cocoa- it rocks!! .5
god forsaken bread, glorious bread. 6
lc cheese, crackers 2
split pea soup, leftover fish 5
diet ibc rootbeer float, lf ice cream 3

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

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Nikki said...

LOVE oatmeal too and make it all the time but just the quick-cooking or old fashioned Quaker Oats. Kids hate the packets and so does matt...probably because they didn't try them when they were young. I grew up on those!!!! Love them still! I am all about the fiber though too and that is the first thing I check on things!You need to try All Bran Multi-grain crackers for a quick snack. I LOVE them. They have bulk to them with 5 grams of fiber per serving and 18 crackers make one serving. They do have 6 grams of fat but seems healthier then some snacks with all that fiber. And they do have corn syrup and they are processed...in fact they may just be horrible for the WW points..no idea! So maybe just scratch my suggestion totally but I make an awesome salmon dip with them and they are YUM!


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