Casa de Crazies

Today has been one of those classic SAHM days. Crazy Chaos.

Our home school group is having a little Valentine's Day party, so we needed to make 24 cards. In our house, we make our cards, for the most part. So that meant getting out the plain note cards, stickers, glue sticks, scissors, stamps, ink pads, markers, crayons, etc. I'm really not a "crafty" type of mom, but I am willing to let go once in a while. I'm glad I just let them go for it. The Babe was using scissors pretty well for once, BigBoy came up with a very creative border idea (with craft scissors) and they had a great time. The kitchen table and floor are a total disaster, but we got all the cards done and did a great project together.

Things were starting to slow down and I jumped on the laptop for a sec to find something for BigDaddy. A youtube video that is a spoof of Beyonce's Single Ladies with Obama. I found the spoof after some digging and the kids watched to watch "Obama".

I cannot tell you how much this video cracks me up. I know, I know, I am easily entertained. Did I ever tell you about my love affair with Will Ferrell? I digress. So then I tell the kids, they are being silly and doing a joke about another song. I then show them the actual Beyonce video . I just love this girl and she is smokin' hot in this video. As I realize this video and song just makes me feel like jumping up and dancing, I notice the Babe is totally grooving, shaking her booty, and wants to see the video again. So does BigBoy! They LOVE it. I remember we have Music On Demand so I find the video and we watch it in HD. Now we're talkin'. The Babe decides she IS Beyonce (or at least one of the backup dancers). She's got the arm pump, booty shake and is singing "Oh, oh oh OH!". We watch the video like, um ... 5 more times and have a Beyonce dance party.

The kitchen has paper scrapes all over the floor, art supplies are running amok and a tutu is tossed in the corner. Beyonce is still blaring on the HDTV with the kiddos dancing like it's their job. Lunch and naps are on hold for a bit. This is why I stay home in my Casa de Crazies. Life is good.

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Nicole Ventrone said...

Oh, thank you so much for posting that spoof! Hilarious!! Even better then the spoof with Justin Timberlake in a leotard! LOL


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