The Kitchen is My Frenemy

I really should have stayed out of the kitchen yesterday. I was doing my meal planning and while trying to find links to all my recipes I came upon a shocking discovery. I found out my fabulous 1 pt. banana muffins were in fact... 2 points. The AGONY! I was so fired up about these muffins. Such a bummer.

Okay, onto Dinner. I had planned to do a salmon stir fry and fried rice. It was awesome, however.... we had some minor mishaps. First of all, the salmon steaks that I had been marinating in Newman's Own Light Sesame Ginger dressing all day was actually, are you ready for this? Lox. Yep, smoked salmon, left over from New Years I think. It wasn't marked and looked the same as the other steaks, all frozen up. I didn't discovered it until I was trying to cut the fish into chunks, in the pan (it was all messy and saucy). I noticed it was reeeeally thin. Then it dawned on me. The LOX! We had to run downstairs and get another chunk out of the freezer, defrost and figure out plan B. I just ended up cutting it into chunks, added some thinly sliced napa cabbage, and some leftover mushrooms. I was out of everything else since it went into the trash with the lox. I added some of the same dressing on it and just sauteed it. It was actually pretty good and along with the "fried" rice, we had a GREAT dinner. (fried recipe is in last meal plan).

Tuesday's Food Journal


blueberry oatmeal coffee w/milk
fish sandwich w/ chz, slaw, 2 banana muffins 6
banana muffin (just found out is now 2 pts. not 1 ahhh!) 2

salmon stir fry, spag. squash, "fried" rice 7

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

I also had some Edy's Loaded Ice cream, dollop of coolwhip for 2 more points.

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