Fashionably Late

I've had quite a few people ask me "What's a Twitter?" Congratulations you have just become your parents!! We'll get you up to speed in a bit.

I've always considered myself just barely in the loop of all things tech. Like I'm getting the party after it's already started... Fashionably Late. I keep thinking I got into the Internet when I was planning my wedding. But actually it was before that. I was into yahoo chat rooms, then discussion boards for wedding planning, then all my "online friends" started getting preggo, so we moved to the baby boards, then people started sharing blogs, then FB, and now Twitter. BTW, this is MY timeline. I skipped the whole MySpace thing as I always felt like it was for high schoolers and it looked so cheesy and too chaotic to me. Hence my love affair with the Target version of MySpace: Facebook. Bright, clean, organized and highly addictive.

I'm also a communications geek. Majored in journalism, did a stint working in public relations both agency and corporate, and then threw in some promotions and special events into the mix. Then I met BigDaddy and threw it all out the window for love! j/k BigDaddy! ;) I'm fascinated with all things dealing with communicating and the written word- in all forms. I asked for call waiting for my birthday in high school. seriously. I subscribe to so many magazines I can't really keep track. yes, I read ALL of them. I love blogs and always seem to get lost following links in cyberland. I wouldn't consider myself an Early Adopter, but I guess for my ahem, age group, I'm a little ahead, just barely. (*Now that I posted that definition link, I guess I'm an "Early Majority")

So back to "What's a Twitter?" It's kind of like saying a few years ago "What's a Text Message?" Let's get you up to speed, shall we? Check this for the text book answer. But it's essentially a cross between a text message and a blog referred to as micro-blogging. It's not for everyone, but I don't want to be left behind in the workforce, if at some point I want to get back into PR or communications in general. SocialMedia are big deals and Twitter is a major player. It reaches over 4.1 million users a MONTH. And their numbers are starting to skyrocket because of other people like me being a late in the game. If you interesting in a bit more specific info, check out mashable.com. It rocks. Here are some links to get you started






*** ETA Just found this cool video:

I'm twittering now. If you want to check it out, jump in, make a few tweets, meet some tweeps. (you can follow me @lunzy) You too may be able to start your day with notes from Shaq or private messages from Pete Carroll. Not too shabby for showing up a little late.

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