Jumpzone + me = hurt

Where have I been? Seems like it's been forever since I've done anything on the computer. You know what they say... Life gets in the way. Or am I the only one who says that?

BigDaddy was home most of the weekend, so we had lots of good family time. Then I stayed up waaaayy too late watching the Oscars, which I never do, but a) it was just bizarre and b) I was twittering while watching- which made it 100x more fun. Miss it? get a re-cap here

I haven't been posting my food journal (since I haven't been blogging), but I've totally been on top of it and I'm down 2 more pounds- woo hoo! changing my points from a target of 22 back to my old school range of 20-25 has totally made a difference. I'm down 9#s total in about a month 1/2. I've also noticed that I need more protein in my diet and have been eating more eggs (NOT egg beaters, which I can't stand), meat and cheese in the morning instead of cereal. I miss it, but it's kicked started my metabolism. So I'm going with it.

Monday I decided to take the kids to a local jump zone place, you know with inflatable jump houses, slides, etc. It's more money than I'd like to pay, but worth my sanity during winter cabin fever (and midsummer melt down). The kids had a blast. I had this great idea that I was going to be the "fun mom" and lead the boys in some P.E. type jumping - big strides, knees high up, side slide jumps, and backwards. WTH was I thinking? After doing that for a while, chasing the kiddos around, climbing up ladders and running up slippery walls, I was beat. totally exhausted. And I used muscles I wasn't used to using, the whole deal. How lame do I feel telling my neighbor how tired I am after taking them to the jump house. So. Lame. I was pretty worthless the rest of the day (and kind of the next).

But highlight for my day... I met another mom! woo hoo! Back to feeling like I'm dating. She has a son, same age as BigBoy (they are actually one day apart) and they had a blast together. she also had a baby girl and we were talking about how hard it was to meet other moms you like who also have kids you like. (All you singletons/DINKs who are reading this, we're serious) So we exchanged cell numbers and talked about getting together soon. You KNOW I'm calling her. So all in all, a successful outing and $16 well spent. (ouch.)

Verizon officially owns us as we now have TV service through them and got rid of Comcast yesterday. My house was invaded by DirecTV for three hours. Yes, three. BigDaddy was a star and made us a healthy salmon dinner as Tuesday is our fish night since I was done after dealing with the kids and service guys. Much easier to stay on program with a hubby willing to step up when you are feeling a bit down.

I'm also trying to just enjoy the little things in life more. Stop and soak it in, if just for a moment. I am going to keep track, like my points and log them in. So for today, my daily bliss:

* Sibling chatter.
* When BigBoy yells "MOM!" from down the hall. And instead of yet another request, I get "I love you!!"
* The Babe doing yoga with me.

Special video pick for one of my BFF :) Love you Pet! Love for the fatties...

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