PSA- get your credit report

This was also on my to do list for '09. I just ran across another blog where it listed actual links and the Babe was asleep. I did this in about 15 min. As suggested in this post I only requested my report from one agency, and will try to remember to request it from another quarterly. So what are you waiting for??

Go to Annual Credit Report. Totally easy, straightforward, and legit. If you request it online, you can get right into it and print if off at home. Be warned though, it was 18 pages.

btw- clean, good standing report. woo hoo! but I did find a few weird things, an address I had never lived at (disputing it) and a messed up number in my ssn # that I need to physically call about.

There's my good deed for the day. Now maybe all this good karma with translate to my demon 2 year old today and she will wake up from her nap being a perfect angel. One can dream right?

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