Meal Plan... for three weeks?!

I printed out a month page from my regular old calendar and started plugging away meals. For some reason I got all ambitious (lost in my thoughts during the silence that occurs during the Babe's nap and BigBoy's computer time??) and realized I planned almost THREE WEEKS of meals, give or take. I'm going to post, but realize, this will most likely change. I like looking at meal plans, so thought I would just include everything anyway.

I also made some of my favorite 1 pt. banana muffins. But uh, ooops. forgot the baking soda so they are a bit on the heavy side. still yummy, and the kids and BigDaddy don't care, so oh well. BigBoy was messing around and I had to yank his cooking license for a bit. This was at the exact moment I was supposed to add the soda. Ahh, baking with your kids.

UPDATE: My world has been crushed. my beloved 1 pt. banana muffins are actually- GASP, 2 points. damn. False advertising!

Meal Plan
Monday- White Chicken Chili, wheat sourdough bread. FF/SF cheesecake pudding with cheery topping
Tuesday- Stir Fry Salmon (making this up, will report back), spaghetti squash, fried rice
Wednesday- Chicken Cesar Salads, Baked Potatoes, MYO Pizzas for the kids?
Thursday- (Weigh-in day) Turkey Bolognese Pasta * Make Banana Bundt Cake for playgroup
Friday- Mac & Cheese for kids, Smart Ones entree for momma (w/added chicken)
Saturday-Vday Breakfast (using extra points) Menu TBD, Meatball subs
Sunday- Batch cooking, chicken. cherry angel food cake?
Monday- Beef Stew
Tuesday- Baked Tilapia, Creamed Spinach
Wednesday- Smothered Pork Chops might try this version
Thursday- Baked Eggs, fruit salad
Friday-Spinach Sausage Soup (Olive Garden recipe that I am going to WW revise)
Saturday- Turkey Meatloaf (defrost and bake, from batch cook)
Sunday-Batch cook?

Next week's thoughts
Monday-Sweet N Sour Crockpot Chicken, fried rice, kimchi?
Wednesday-Turkey Sloppy Joes- cook with mom night? * Boil Chicken
Thursday-Chicken Enchiladas, Spanish rice? (WID)
Friday-chicken broth based soup
Saturday/ Sunday??
Monday- Crockpot Turkey chili
Monday's Food Journal:


egg muffin sandwich, spinach, lc cheese. coffee w/milk 5
smart ones entree, ham sammie, ww yogurt, dt. ibc 7
laughing cow cheese, crackers 2
white chicken chili, bread, cherry jello cheesecake pudding dessert 7

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

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