What's stopping you?

Yesterday was quite the wake up call for me for a few things.

First of all, Tostitos are banned from our house until further notice! Perhaps, for life. BigDaddy brought me home a special treat. Tostitos Chips. Granted, I (we), love tortilla chips, but I stocked our pantry with Guiltless Gourmet Chips. I was making fish tacos and pico de gallo . So I guess he thought it would be nice to have the chips to go with it. One thing we do it celebrate with food. special things, events, treats, etc = food. * Must get out of this habit. Anyway, I had the pico done and of course the kids wanted chips. THE BAG WAS OPEN. The beginning of the end for me. Now I'm in the kitchen with pico and an open bag of chips. one here, one there. So I look at the serving size. 7. okay, 7. I can do 7. I ate my 7 chips to make sure I could count the points when I was done. 3 points per serving. are you kidding me?!? basically 1/2 point each?!? Well I was done. I was 1/2 pt away from my daily total and I hadn't even had dinner. Thankfully, we are having some fantastic weather and I had called a neighbor to walk that night. But I already went way overboard and used probably all of my weekly points the night before when we went out to dinner after the park. At that point there wasn't much I could do, but I still needed to eat dinner. I ate the fish, no taco, no beans and ate a ton of slaw. Not great, not fun, but done. After my walk, about 2 miles and 45 min., I figured out I got 2 AP. (basically I can deduct 2 points from my total or -2) This STILL doesn't equal those damn 7 chips. so not worth it.

The other A-ha moment was this morning. The walk so kicked my booty. I really need to focus on incorporating working out now. I woke up about 4:30, since I crashed around 8:45 with BigBoy since I was so beat for my super, strenuous workout. Of course this is when my mind starts to race with thoughts of all the things I need to do and all I want to do. I have LOTS of great ideas.

So what's stopping me? really? Part of it is motivation. Part is knowing I can't finish what I start- someone always needs something at some point, so I have to stop midway. (this just kiiiiills the perfectionist in me so much I just don't even start.) Part of it is knowing it's only important to me, so I bump it down on my priority list. Like my walk. It was difficult to just get out the door. Everyone else was doing what they wanted, and yet I was scrambling trying to get dinner on the table to get everyone fed and get out the door to do what I wanted to do. Me. And I was so worked up, it took me 1/2 the walk to finally get over it and enjoy what I was doing. It shouldn't be that hard, but the reality is, it is. Right now anyway. I need to just power through, make it "normal" and it won't be so hard. Well, maybe it will be just as hard, but I'll be used to it by then! And skinnier.

Sunday's Food Journal

multi grain cheerios, w/milk & blueberries, coffee w/milk 4.5
lil' salad w/ carrots & feta 2
queso & pretzels 2
ole cheese veggie soup 3
more cheesy soup since dd2 ate most of it! and ww choc cake-
3 chips ahoy rf, more soup. it's yummy! 4
tostitos and pico de gallo. 7 chips = 3 pts?!? 4
baked fish, slaw 4
walked 2 mi.!!! go me! -2

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

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