Back to normal please.

Big Daddy and Sassy got home late last night. He had business in California and decided to make it a long weekend and take her with him since he was staying with his parents.

It was a nice little break... at first. The first two days we spent great quality one-on-one time. Hanging out, running errands, visiting farms, play dates, etc. I didn't have to worry about cutting my day short to accommodate a nap. We had ALL day. To do WHATEVER. It was great. And a bit exhausting.

By days 4, & 5 I think we were both done. BB was at my side non. stop. Asking me to play with him again, look at what he was doing, keep him company, laugh at his silly antics. You name it. He wanted me to do it. Never mind that we just spent 5 hours of our day with his friend and then getting ice cream. Clean up the house? Do some dishes? SIT DOWN? Nah. I casually said Wow, you really miss Sissy huh? I DO NOT! um. okay kiddo.

I'm Bored.

AHHHHHH! Then there's the dog and cat. The dog decided something was up. The biggest and smallest person was MIA from our house. OH WEEEEIRD! So of course SHE needed to be by my side at all times. Or at least in the same room. At. all. times. The cat missed BigDaddy (she's actually his cat) so she's protesting in various meows. And peeing on everything. And today pooped on our front door mat. nice.

Wasn't this supposed to be a break for Mama Specs? I did get some projects and major cleaning done. woot. woot. But I'm really ready to be back to normal. Wait, what?! Did I just say that??

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