Ice cream makes it all better

I had one of THOSE days yesterday. Really, really....really challenging. BigBoy is going nutso and literally climbing the walls. Sassy is just that, aaall sassy and being mean. I had fires to put out here and there and everywhere. My Babysitter Extraordinaire was going to be late due to a final (she ended up being an hour late on a two hour job.) THAT kind of day. The kids wouldn't sit down to eat, I had already cleaned up two glasses of milk that spilled (it ended up being three by the end of the day.) The only time it didn't rain was during Sassy's nap so I lost my window to go outside with them. BB's allergies are non stop- so I was also wiping his snotty nose all. day. long. I was beyond spent. They wouldn't listen, everyone seemed to need me for something and everything. Wipe a snotty nose, clean up some more milk, get a snack, wipe a poopy bottom, change of clothes. You know the drill. Oh yah, and I have a house to clean up, phone calls to make and laundry to do.

And then I lost it. Sassy would not sit and finish her lunch. Warning #1. There she want boppin' around again. So I scooped her up, threw a diaper on her and put her in her crib for a nap. no book. no song. no cuddle. Then I proceed to sob in the living room. BB felt bad and was trying to make me feel better. To say I'm tired of hearing "Tomorrow will be better" would be a huge understatement. Both of them, fighting, yelling, whining, bickering and NOT listening to me, not using manners, you get it. When BB seems to be out of whack his sister usually follows suit.... x 10.

I'm not sure what is going on. BB and his allergies have me really questioning what the deal is. The tree pollen here is unreal. I seem to be fine for some reason, but was miserable in Indy (ragweed, hay and corn fields gets me.) Benadryl, we soon found out, makes him PSYCHO. And the zyrtec? I'm not sure how much better it is. He's also not sleeping due to being so stuffy. So he's overtired to boot. I'm not really sure how to move forward on this. Maybe get some local honey and see if that helps....

So what's a sobbing mom to do? I thought about drinking some wine, a LOT of wine, but I had promised BB a date for some ice cream due to the Chicken Incident. I couldn't get out of it and that meant I needed to drive after dinner. Which meant no sloshed mommy. Spending one-on-one time was the last thing I wanted to do with BB, but deep down, I knew it was what I should really do.

We hopped in the van and off to the Golden Arches it was. He got a monster cone and I got a sundae. Then we drove to the park and parked under a tree. It was pouring rain, starting to get dark and totally perfect. He had no idea what I had in mind.

Gimme your cone buddy and come on up here. As in the coveted Front Seat. You have to remember, as a 5 y.o. he doesn't ever get to sit up front. He was pumped. "You mean in the front?!?" I even let him climb over the center, cuz I'm a cool mom like that. He was thrilled and I was happy to have an hour with my son, my normal son. He was chatty, happy, interested and sweet. We turned off the radio, open the moon roof cover and listened and watched the rain. Listened to some birds chirping. It was great. Then I got real crazy and let him play with the hazard button and windshield wipers.

A little ice cream and some special time made a world of difference for us both. We laughed a LOT and got to reconnect again. Who knew a little ice cream date would have made my crappy day end so much better?

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Steve Hancock said...

I love those 1 on 1 times. Tough to do with all the kids but it is important for us to make that time with Austin since he is the older brother and all. Glad you got it and made the day all better!!!

We all fight allergies here pretty bad. Austin would get asthma induced by heavy allergies or when he is sick so we needed to control the allergies. We were able to get a flonase (sp?) type of deal for him. It took some getting used to for him to use it in his nose like that but made all the difference in the world.

Hey on a side note...finally changed my theme to a more "family friendly" theme like we were talking about before. Check it out and let me know what you think. Having some technical issues like the name of the page twice in the heading and the stuff on the side bar, but haven't had a chance to do anything but change the pictures and just get it up. Hopefully later tonight I can tweak it around and fix the minor stuff.


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