climbing the walls.

You know, out here in the kinda country we have to get creative and think about ways to entertain ourselves. Zoos? For wimps. Museums? Cultural snobs. Movies? C'mon.... Is that all ya got?

Walls. My son looks at the bathroom doorway and thinks "I can take it." And he does. Everyday. All day. My son is literally climbing the walls.

What's a mama to do? We're getting out of Dodge for a few days and heading to the lake, that's what. I love saying that. We're going to the lake this weekend. We've always talked about finding a great lake nearby and spending weekends/weeks lounging about. I've always envied those families who were able to take off to their vacation house or their parent's vacation house on a regular basis. But the reality we lived in didn't allow it. We were broke and had no down-time due to BigDaddy's job(s). And no parents with a vacation house. My Loyal 7 know this has been a big goal for us, to have some balance, and be able to do things as a family like a vacation. It was a big focus for us before we moved here. It's a big reason WHY we moved here.

So we're off. No computers allowed, no tweets or status updates, no emails. Sunscreen, princess beach towels, watermelon and grilled burgers? Definitely.


Wendy G. said...

House Gymnastics!!! I'm not sure if you are familiar with this or not! I was a fan as a kid, but I never knew it had a name. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_Gymnastics

Lisa Spector said...

Wendy- Classic! I've never heard of that! Now... do I show BB the website and give him more ideas? lol

Wendy G. said...

hmmm? Is that a good thing? :o) I'm all for mindful focus exercise, however. I encourage Nani to do flips, etc. I would encourage her to do this if she could actually focus her mind and body long enough. I think its great that your son is able to do so!

Anonymous said...

Love this shot especially with Sassy looking like I will do this too someday. Enjoy the lake.

Nikki said...

Such a great photo..a keeper for sure. Have a great lake getaway!

ITChE said...

So funny! We used to do that in our townhouse growing up, all our walls were perfect for it. You should show him some Parkour videos on youtube the kids love them. WARNING: Watch them alone first to make sure your ok with these ideas. Here some favorites http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MeiwLLZjDo and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEeqHj3Nj2c

Unknown said...

I love this! It is so much fun keeping up with you! :) Am I right in guessing that you have already moved in to your new house? I drove by your old house the other day and it looked sad, like it missed you. :( :)
Much Love, Jessie Rae .><>.


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