Slow down

My eye is twitching. I've never had a twitching eye. Ever. I know it's from lack of sleep. I know it's from stress. I'm surrounded in clutter, piles and piles of laundry, a non-stop influx of dirty dishes. We are surrounded with big, brown boxes of volleyball stuff for BigDaddy's team. It's so hot and the last thing I want to do is turn on the oven or stove and cook something. BD has been MIA for about 2 weeks now, due to volleyball camps. I'm feeling bloated, tired, overwhelmed, stressed. All that fun stuff. So now I have an eye twitch to remind me to slow down, stop stressing out. Take some time for me. Stop freaking out. Bite off little pieces.

I haven't worked out regularly since our basement flooded. It's still damp, the floor is still a bit wet and I haven't been able to really do much about it since it's a 2+ people job. I really want Jillian to tell me not to be wimpy and do more butt kicks instead of turning off the DVD. But I can't. I can only have Denise tell me to Feel the Effects of pilates. But I remind myself, I'm not going to gain my weight back in a few weeks of not working out. I just feel like crap because I got used to the habit.

We don't have a dishwasher and when we go an entire day without washing the dishes, it's a nightmare. I went almost two. We've been eating leftover pizza from BigDaddy's camp since it's available and means I don't have to go grocery shopping, again, with two children. Get the pizza out of here and get to the grocery store to get healthy options.

But it's really okay.
BD moved the weeds, er lawn yesterday. Check.
I got massive amounts of laundry done. Check.
The kids are playing together nicely. Check.
We both got some much needed sleep. Check.

We will get more done today. The house is just a house. Yes, a messy house but these times are going to happen. And it's been so beautiful outside, finally, that we've been doing stuff. Stuff out of the house. Stuff with friends. And that's important too. And we can only do so much. Our kids are happy and healthy. We will work on everything today, all day. And then go play as a family tomorrow, all day. And then work some more and it will be okay. And the eye will stop twitching. right?


Anonymous said...

Take a bath with salts and oils and light candles and relax even if it is late at night or better yet go get a massage. Remember my thesis-you just have to be good enough not perfect.

Roni said...

oh boy do I FEEL YA!!

I think I'm going to take madgews advice and get a massage this weekend. Ir maybe a hair cut. Just do something FOR YOU!

Nikki said...

Hope today is better... Slowing down is always good advice! Loved the pretty blue sky photo.


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