Kinda perfect

It feels good start our summer family traditions. After dinner strolls. Making ice cream. Spotting Fireflies. Eating watermelon non-stop. But I don't know if anything can compete with a great family vacation. We get to transport ourselves to a totally different environment. A different world. A different mindset.

After quizzing local friends on where to go, we decided to heed advice from BigDaddy's boss and The Boss' Wife and head out to Douthat Lake, a Virginia state park, for two nights. Our mini-vacay wasn't perfect: it rained at some point everyday, BigDaddy had to go back to work for a bit, we forgot cereal. and charcoal. and matches. But it really didn't matter, because we had this:

And after we didn't have the BBQ, we had this:

And after the big thunderstorm, we had this:

And after BigDaddy was done with work, we had this:

And then on the last day, we had this:

So it wasn't perfect, but I'm happy with getting pretty darn close.


Brianne said...

You are so depressing me. Everything I know about summer is not happening yet and it is June 18. We've had a month of rain and 10 more days of it. I feel like it's March. Okay, sob story done, but summer doesn't feel right without sun, open spaces or water. :(

Lisa Spector said...

sister- did you not see the part about rained every day? we've had rain forever too. still do. and a flooded basement.


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