Today is a big day in Casa de Crazies!  BigBoy is officially 5 AND A HALF.  He's been asking me for months now, when will he "turn" 5 1/2.  BigBoy and Sassy are 2 1/2 years apart, almost exactly.  So one has a birthday and the other turns their "1/2" in the same month.  We've been looking at the calendar, counting down the weeks and days. Today he gets the edge over the mere 5 year olds.  He's 5 and a half.

I'm not sure why this half year became so important.  But now he has kids to compare notes with.  There are kids just turning 5 in his class (our cutoff is Sept. 30) and kids who started at 5 1/2 and even some 6 year olds who started Kinder a little later.  But instead of trying to figure out when he will be 5 1/2 ("I'm almost 5 and a 1/2!!") He can proudly state he IS 5 1/2.  It's a partial birthday celebration, so in my book it means cake! I made a cheapy mix really quick last night and just did one round layer, cut in half and stacked.  Half a cake, of course!  Any time I can throw baked goods into the day I'm a happy girl.  

So what else does one do for their half birthday? I'm not really sure. We've never celebrated one.  We have the half cake for dessert tonight (half birthday does NOT = breakfast cake in bed) and I got him a pack of Pokemon cards- the new obsession with his buddies, though they have no clue how they work. But other than that it's a kiss and a "Halfy Birthday!"  

Anyone else ever celebrate half birthdays or do so for their kiddos?  I did a Google search, because you know, if Google points you in the right direction, it MUST be legit.  Google says so. I saw the 1/2 cake idea. Well duh, even I came up with that. Wikipedia has an entry for Half-Birthday, but you already knew it would.  But one family does a date night with 1/2 bday child which I think is cute-- but I think one-on-one dates are important year round.  In general, I think it's a fun little thing to do, half birthdays are such a milestone for young kids.  

I love coming up with new traditions for our young family. Plus it's pretty funny sing Halfy Birthday to you... We started our day with a round of giggles. And that's always a good thing. I'm on the hunt for more ways to to add fun to our days.  I'd love to hear what other families do.  The comments section isn't scary, I promise. Be brave and leave something... 

*Attention Miss Nikki-- please share, you have so many fun traditions!


Anonymous said...

Never celebrated 1/2's in our family :)

Deb said...

-->On September 11th I told my husband I was 33 1/2 and suggested we celebrate. I think having fire shoot out of my eyes and my head spin in circles would have seemed less crazy to him. Ha!
I love birthdays and although getting older isn't much fun, it's better than the alternative.
Love the cake idea too!

Nikki said...

One of our birthday traditions is to always go around the dinner table and each person says what they love about the person having their birthday. Then the birthday guest says what they love about themselves that year. I cry almost every time! I am such a sap. But seriously tender things are said each year. We have done it since before the kids were born and even the most brief comments come straight from the heart. By the way- Guests are obliged to participate as well on our birthdays or theirs. It is beyond sweet.


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