The truth hurts

Last night I was getting ready for a preschool meeting.  Feeling really bloated from the brownie-a-thon that was happening in my tummy kitchen all weekend long.  Plus my working out hasn't been exactly, ahem, working out. I'm not motivated to go, not motivated to get ready, but it was time.  So...what to wear, what to wear.  Thankfully it's gotten Fallish the past few days and it's cold enough to wear a sweater. hoooray! I select my not-so-favorite jeans, but they work and are pretty comfy.  Other than feeling like a shlumpadinka, I think I pass the Mommy Meeting test. I selected my outfit. Jeans, check.  Kinda cute sweater, check.  Tennis shoes, check.

Sassy: Uh mom.  You too big for dat. 
Mama: What?!? Where? Show Mommy! Why?? (I do a visual and NO visible muffin top, really!)
Sassy: Mooooom, you just too big.
Mama: really? sigh

Granted we've been purging clothes because the kids are "too big" now, but seriously? This is the reaction I get from my THREE YEAR OLD? And then I put on a snug t-shirt to go on under my sweater, pinky promise I wasn't going out in public like this!

Sassy: Moooom! YOU. TOO. BIG! See? pointing for added emphasis.
Mama: Where?!  Show Mama, where?? Tell me why! Really.
Sassy: Moooom. You just are.
Mama: Why? Show me. 
Sassy: Never mind.

Thanks for keepin it real sweetie. Thanks a million. I guess it's time to dust off Mr. Snarky.

Photo credit: Malingering


Anonymous said...

Too funny. What has she said about the tattoo? Have fun with Grandma Benita.

Lisa Spector said...

The tattoo? Nothing. They don't know any different since they have always seen it, so it's not a big deal. Definitely having fun with Memaw!


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