Mommy Down!

Exhibit A- Evil Cabinet Corner
Recently my FB status read: 

not sure if I'm more embarrassed that I whacked my head and unbeknownst to me, had the elementary school staff on the phone, or that they were so concerned that they sent the cops over to check up on me (this was after I called them back to let them know it was me and yes, I was okay) #OnlyInTheKindaCountry   

Looking for my cardboard box to crawl in.

I wasn't paying attention, hit my head on the corner of an upper cabinet door and literally, was knocked off my feet.  total collapsation, followed by big, HUGE, sobs of anguish.  Sassy was wide-eyed with concern.  Between sobbing and checking for how much blood I was dealing with, I rallied a few "Mommy's okay! Mommy's okay!"  I finally regained my senses and then came the realization that the phone was on "talk." O.M.G. I had to call back and fess up.  They most likely had call waiting and what in the world did it sound like on the other end?  I can't even imagine.  Um hi.... I think I just was on the phone with you when I hurt myself... 

After the confessions from the school staff that they weren't sure if they should call for help, I assured them all was well.  But that's not enough in the Kinda Country.  Nooosiree.  As I'm retelling my saga in full detail to BigDaddy, because OF COURSE he was out of town when this happened, I look out the window to see our local town police pull up.  for reals?  

Mr. Officer was called by the school to check on me.  Of course.  I can't imagine this happening to me if we lived in CA still.  But here, of course they would check up to see if I was okay. After discussing the events with local friends, we dissected each part.  Who the staffer was at the school, who she is related to, and whether or not she had me on speaker.  Who the officer was, whose husband works with him and the realization that he's the "new guy" (probably has been on staff for years, but didn't grow up here.) Then we did a play-by-play how it WAS a good thing they sent someone out, because what if someone had broken in and was making me call back to say I was okay, and BigDaddy wasn't even in town.  Yes, good thing they are looking out for this MamaBear. As Mr. Officer and I mentioned, "This is why we live here."  Indeed.


ChrisLS said...

Ouch! That cabinet looks really bad but it still sounds like you got the worst of it! Glad they're looking out for you out there :)

Anonymous said...

Great small town story. Glad you are okay.

Kristin Callender said...

Ouch! I had a run in with an open cabinet. I feel your pain. That's one of those stories you will be telling for years. And as your bruised head and pride feel better, I'm sure it will get funnier each time it's told. Thanks for sharing.

Nikki said...

That hurts! So funny they were on the phone though and too sweet that they sent the cops to check on you. Love small towns!

Lisa Spector said...

Chris- one of the most painful things EVER. And I've give birth twice without drugs....

Madge- me too! Thanks.

Kristen- Thanks for visiting! It will def. get funnier and funnier. thanks!

Nikki- I know, right?! One of the most embarrassing moments ever. And you a lot of my others to compare to! ;)

Jim Doran said...

Better [overly] safe than sorry.


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