Over the hump.

Not a moving box in sight!
Hello Loyal Seven! [insert group hug here] I can’t believe we made it over the hump! The last month has been beyond crazy, even for us. But I kept repeating my mantra Embrace the crazy, embrace the crazy. Plus, I stole a few glances at the manifestation pom-pom for good measure. But it worked! It really worked!! We made it!

The end of the school year had its usual chaotic schedule. We have another field trip AND a class picnic AND a Field Day?! WTH? Additionally, June gave us a trip back home to Hell-A, (which included a big birthday bash for BigDaddy with his childhood friends, and the kids’ first trip to Disneyland) BigDaddy taking off for a week to work a camp, and then returning back home the night before our own week o’ camp. What did I miss…. Oh yeah, we MOVED in the time between camp and leaving for our Big Fat Summer Vacation. And we can’t forget the biggest.event.of.the.year. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Midnight Premiere was shoved into the mix during camp too. We really should be committed to the funny farm because trying to do all this, in the amount of time we had, was certifiably insane in the membrane.

Luckily I am surrounded with my village. They rock. And they pack and they move our crap across town and they watch my babes and feed them dinner when I need to hightail it up to a triple feature premiere all dressed in black and drenched in body shimmer…. but I digress. My village. This was the first time we did a local (read non-interstate move) and we had HELP. On both sides. They kept me sane, gave me pep talks and used their brain cells when I ran out of my own. I heart my village. I heart them even more when I am asked if they can be referred to as The Village People. Can you see that I’ve found my peeps?

So we made it over the hump! My world of moving boxes and totally disorganized cabinets is on hold and for now, it doesn’t exist. I'm on vacation. We spent last week in San Diego with BigDaddy’s extended family for the annual family reunion. Of course I will bring you all the nuts and bolts of the trip, but get this…. I have actual WRITING ASSIGNMENTS I have to work on about the trip. You better hop on the crazy train now before I become amazingly famous and don’t reply back to personal emails. I’ll let you on the 411 soon, but for now, I'll just babble a bit about cloudy skies and holding court bay-side.

This year the weather decided to make it a bit more exciting. I mean really, 70 degrees and sunny everyday is pretty boring. Who wants that? Well, um, me. We had just left triple digits and humidity back home in the Kinda Country, so boring ol’ 70 and sunny sounded pretty darn perfect. But it wasn’t to be. We had June Gloom way into July. Now, don’t get me wrong, being on vacation in San Diego in and of itself, I’ll take, but some sunshine would have helped the cause a bit, mainly the wow-my-body-is-really- really-white cause.

Thankfully it got a bit warmer and we managed to do some fun stuff outside. But really, the kids could care less. Sun? We don’t need no stinkin sun! Sand? Check. Pool? Check. Cousins to entertain me 24/7? Check. Grandparents to buy me whatever my little heart desires? BIG check.  Throw in a trip to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World and we have a rockin’ munchkin summer vacation.

The sun decided to warm things up a bit, and showed up on the last few days of our trip. I got to do my most favorite activity: kick it bayside and visit with lots of my friends while our children played. We ended up with a jam-packed trip that you will read about in all its glory, with photos too. Pinky promise. I even have a surprise guest who will be shaking things up a bit on our vacay.  He's already way more popular on this trip than moi.  sigh. story of my life.  

That's it for now as I need to run and find some coffee.  How's that one? We chose to stay with the one guy in Seattle who doesn't drink coffee.  Seriously??  First San Diego without sun and now I get Seattle with no morning coffee.  Vacations can be so brutal but I guess I just have to muster through...

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Love your story and can't wait for details.


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