I love my kids, I love my kids, I love my kids...

I went from feeling pretty geeky cool this morning to sobbing in my minivan-- the suburban mommy nightmare. Today was Gymnastics Day. BigBoy has issues with new things, transitions, etc. All the great "spirited child" challenges. But Gymnastics have actually been going okay- usually.

I threw my back out on Monday, not sure if I ever mentioned it. Out of balance, ha ha. I digress...So I wasn't really looking forward to today. Gymnastics Day. Hot Tots or Mighty Tots, whatever they call it, for BigBoy and Mommy and Me for the Babe and I. I thought about passing on class for me and the Babe, but then it would be worse with her seeing all the other kids doing stuff and I would play baby wranger instead. no fun. Once again, I decided to suck it up and just do it.

He wouldn't go with his class. I sat next to him during stretches (which he refuses to do) and it still didn't help. He loves his teacher, Mr. Ryan and even his Man-Crush didn't help. He pouted, crossed his arms, paced. Everything except rolls, jumps and tumbles. I had to sit him down to regroup. He cried- LOUD.

I was now That Mom with That Kid. I hate being That Mom with That Kid. Because really I am NOT That Mom with That Kid. Okay maybe I do have That Kid, but I'm NOT That Mom, really.

I told him to sit and calm down and if he changed his mind and wanted to listen he could go back to class. It never happened. I had to juggle both kids, my back and my tears. I hate days like this. I got in the minivan and the tears came. Then the sobs came. We all went to our rooms when we got home. After an hour, the Babe was sleeping and I gave BigBoy lunch and back to our rooms for naps.

*** HEY! what happened to my post? I added more and saved my draft, but it's not here and I just now noticed.

to recap my day ended up with all of us taking much needed naps, Dad the HERO, getting home to save my sanity, and then me getting a little loopy on pinot grigio. Wine makes the world a better place for me :) Add a little B&J's Willie Nelson's Peach Cobbler to the mix and ahhhh, paradise.

I put BigBoy down for bedtime and after cuddling he grabs my face with his little hands and says "mommy, you're the best mommy in the whole world". Sometimes I sure don't feel like it, but at the end of the day, literally, if my kid says this I know I can get through another tough day-- and there are sure to be plenty more. The hugs and kisses help too.

Geek Girl part II

For all my fellow logophiles (word lovers) I found yet another webiste: askOxford.com

My son asked me what comes after "twice". I said I thought it was thrice, but not sure what was after that. Well, there isn't anything after that. Just once, twice, thrice. I then stumbled upon other entries and found something about the longest word in the English language. Is it sick that I already knew it was pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis? It's a rare lung disease caused by breathing chalk dust. It is sick isn't it?

Blame in on Mrs. Crow, my 7th grade English teacher at Ramona Jr. High. It was to help prove her point that we needed to learn our Greek and Latin word roots. See, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is really just a lot of parts. pneu-mono-ultra-micro-scopic-silico-volcano-coniosis. simple really. She also taught us that there was "a rat" in separate.

I think my love for reading and writing, minus the 'rithmetic started with these quirky secondary English teachers. Ms. Frankin in 8th grade (the first "Ms." I ever knew) taught me that you didn't want to drag your comma after your "but". Mrs. Palmer made us read Shakespeare our Freshman year and all I really remember was her talking about a "buuuud" but she made it seem kinda cool. Mrs. Tanner in high school was hated by most of the school, but I LOVED her. She wore these terrible outfits with crazy hats. And she had this great ink stamp that she used on papers. In bright red it shouted to the world that your paper was "TACKY"! (she also used it to sign our yearbooks)

Here I am in my 30s and thinking I am really cool cuz I know the longest word in the English language. Thanks Mrs. Crow! and Ms. Franklin and Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Tanner! So who made an impression on you?

NEW and Improved!

I had no idea you had to have a google/blogger account to comment on my blog! sorry! Now Kerrie and all other non-google people can comment! Now one less excuse is gone!


Spring is in the air!

Okay, so it WAS in the air. For like 36 hours. But us Midwesterners will take it and run for that 36 hours. We had one of the warmest days in weeks- it hit 60ish. Ah boy did it feel FANTASTIC.

One thing I have come to appreciate from living in the Midwest is the weather and change of seasons. Indy is actually pretty great at getting
just enough of the seasons. Now that we've had our winter we are dying for Spring. I can't wait for sunny days where the florescent lime green baby leaves begin to unfold and the bubblegum pink blossoms start to pop. I love it.

So I planned my entire weekend around Sunday. The big day. It was going to hit 60. Greg was gone so it was me and the kiddos and off to the zoo we went. Cuz nothing makes it seem like Spring like going to the zoo. The morning was a bit colder than I would have liked, but I bundled us up in our winter gear and by lunchtime we were peeling off our layers. wooo hooo!! The place was so empty it was great.

On the way home I was looking for shorts. Seriously. I just knew someone would have them on. I found him, the jogger, sporting the shorts. I talked to my friend on the phone and she was out shopping amongst people in FLIP FLOPS. Crazy Midwesterners, thinking it's Spring or something. ;)

We got home and the babe decided the nap on the ride home was plenty. Thankfully BigBoy crashed for another hour or so. When he got up we all went outside for some more "Spring Air". I opened all the windows and organized the garage a bit. It just HAD to be Spring.

So back to my reality that is the Midwest. Today it's freezing, literally. We have freezing rain and I have frozen raindrops on our trees, trashcans and grass. Oh, hark! I just heard thunder. I guess Spring was just teasing us. Cabin fever will return will a
vengeance. Now we know what we are missing again.


Manifestation Board

OH! I started my Manifestation/Dream/Vision Board- whatever you want to call it. (Daune, you are officially challenged to start one this week! Ready, set, go!). It only has five things on it, but I did it. I started it and can add as I move along. It's just a piece of white poster board I already had on-hand, black sharpie drawn border (you are supposed to create your personal area). My five things:

  1. nice big, green house plant fern- More green plants in my house. I realized we don't have ANY!
  2. picture of a balanced scale.
  3. woman doing a yoga pose with "Fit" written under it.
  4. map of California with Sacramento highlighted.
  5. picture of a male teacher.


In striving to be more balanced, I managed to become more lopsided! Maybe I thinking too much about NOT being lopsided instead of thinking about BEING balanced. who knows. Come on Universe, help me out here.

I think we had an unbalanced load or something and it fried the washing machine. Great, just what we needed to get right now. A fabulous brand new (cheap) washing machine.

I then had the great idea to pluck my eyebrows, well, at least one of them. I only had time to do one and I thought there would be no way I would walk out of the house lopsided like that. um. wrong again. (and here I thought I knew myself so well!) I needed to go to the grocery, and since Greg is gone at another tourney, my window is quite short to hit the market with two children. Eyebrows uneven and all, we got ready and got out.

I tried to look at people sideways and turned my head quickly. :) Actually, I wish I was so in tune with my surrounds that I could think about that. But truth be told, I was focused on getting the cool TV cart (more on that in a bit), kids belted in, snacks distributed and list done. So the eyebrow went forgotten until I looked in the rear view again, on the way HOME. At least the other errands were to teller windows and they only saw one eyebrow- the jungle momma, unruly one.

My favorite grocery store in the whole world is Meijer. You poor west coast folks (and Aussie girls) don't have them. I looove them. Think nicer, upscale Super Walmart, meets cheaper, downscale, Super Tarjay. They even have an International Food section. LOOOOOVE IT!

Sometimes Greg or I will take BigBoy there for a "Date Night". Taco Bell and trip to Meijer, total cheap date at that. He loves these "TV Karts" We don't use them every time we go, actually I leave the kids at home to shop, but it's a nice option to make a trip more of a fun outing for the kids. For a buck, I am all over it.


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