It's beginning to look a lot like... Black Friday!

I'm sick. I've got the fever real bad. I can't stop thinking about Black Friday. For all of you not in the know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, i.e. the Biggest. Shopping. Day. of. The. Year.

Granted I've actually been the normal sick with a stupid cough/phlegmy thing and been doing not much more than sitting on the laptop and/or using the remote to select of one of the gazillion kid shows we have on our DVR. So I'm become a stalker on my favorite BF website at gottadeal.com. I've already decided what I want to get at Target, Kohls, Circuit City and yes Wally World. I have examined the photos of the leaked ads, my lists made (courtesy of the site). Now I need to finalize, tweak and set our gameplan.

"Our gameplan". No, not my husband. My sister. She'll be down for Tday (YEAH!) and we have been discussing BF, but need to sit down, figure budget, plan of attack, etc. I really don't know how we've become involved in the insanity. Our family has never gone shopping on BF, quite the opposite. My dad thinks we're nuts. But my sister and I partake in it, on our own usually. It just screams (literally) Christmas Time!!! We'll get up at 5 a.m. get a coffee and get in a store asap.

I see a future of my sister and I reeking of Holiday Traditions. I guess because our family was not into traditions. Everything was flexible. It was just a frenzy of driving, eating and wrapping paper. I always had a Christmas hangover. In reality it was probably more than that, but I can't really put my finger on it. But the holidays in my house, my own house with my own family, are not negotiable. On Tday we will have regular ol turkey, mashed potatoes, sausage sage stuffing, pumpkin pie, cranberry relish, and green bean casserole (with a little pomegranate sangria thrown into the mix). We will watch the Macy's Day Parade and then plan our BF. We will get ready for Christmas over the weekend, getting our tree and decorating it, probably while watching Christmas movies and/or listening to Christmas music.

My kids will probably grow up and roll their eyes at Mom and Aunt Bebe but secretly love that the holidays are so corny. Now I need to just find that bright green pickle ornament...


Rockin the hometown vote

More coffee! I'm totally spacey, tired, and not ready for my day. But I voted. The house was up at multiple times last night (crying baby, cold dog, cat out of food, etc.) Of course on the night before Election Day. We got up at 6 and I hurried up to get to the polls. 6:30 a.m. The line wrapped around the community center, uuugh. But with coffee in hand and a warmish coat I was ready to vote in my small town, usa.

I met a cool guy in line next to me, an Illinois transplant and a communications prof. at The Big University. So that was fun to talk with him. He had just moved here this summer too and we noticed who everyone else was saying hello to each other. It also looked like he had very fun gay neighbors who were dressed sooo cute. Maybe I'll go stalker on him and find his email on the school's website. (On a side note, it was cool to see the gay couple saying hi and being buddies with many people in line. The guy in front of us turned around when my prof. friend said they were his neighbors. "OH! so and so are my neighbors too, you must live by us!") Prof. friend also said he was bombarded with goodies from neighbors when they first moved in. How cute and country no? Unfortunately, we don't really have neighbors, however the horses came by to eat apples off of our tree!

We also met the local players in our town for council and let an old lady in a walker cut the line. Small town politics. The 79 y.o. who is running for re-election was there, later than his opponents to shake hands, kiss babies, etc. Great idea Roscoe, but when you shake my hand, you should probably introduce yourself to me if you want my vote; "work" the line and not sit on the front of your car (is it yours?) and sit and wait for us to get to you.

My favorite is Steve, the stay at home dad and naval retiree. He was there nice and early, talking about the kids. Stay at home dad, new blood, and isn't more than twice my age. oh yah, and he filled out his local paper info thoroughly. Roscoe did not. Rosetta also gets my vote, the local event planner and newsletter writer. Gimme more free events Rosetta and I'm a happy mama. These people know how to multi-task and get stuff done.

I hope you all get out/got out to vote! Any fun stories to share?? (I know you are out there because I get blog reports..... come on stalkers, fess up and say hello)


Boobies on the Beach

I'm getting back on my wagons. It's time. We've been here for three months now. I can't claim that life is just so out of whack anymore. I'm fat. My house is a wreck. Things still don't have "homes" in our home. Time to focus.

This weekend was great. It was my hubby's bday and instead of being gone for most of the weekend, he ended up staying home for most of it. Wow! What a difference having us both home made. He wanted to be lazy and relax as much as possible. So we hung out at home and everyone (besides me) took lots of naps. We got sooo much done and were totally rested. A night of having a sitter to enjoy adult beverages and conversation on Sat. helped a lot too!

Sunday night I decided to start implementing my beloved flylady shiny sink again. (I had to take a picture for proof!) My kitchen was totally clean and clear of all clutter and dishes before I hit the hay. I woke up this a.m. and it was SO nice. I can't believe what a difference in my attitude it made. I was totally pumped and got even more done, even with the babe waking up at 6. I need to do this every night. I need to do it for me and my family. Happy mama = happy kids (most of the time). I cleaned even more, decorated, yes you are reading that right. Danced with my kids, played legos together, caught up with my mom on the phone (if you have ever called my house, you realize how difficult it is to have an entire conversation with me), fed the horses, played outside. What a great day! Was it because of my shiny sink? maybe. It's worth a little effort to see if it works.

We've also been dabbling with getting back on weight watchers. I've gained so much weight this year. I'm such a stress eater. So just by watching my portions and getting into that mindset, I've dropped 4 lbs. But we need to go gung-ho and really get to it. G is done with vb in the next few weeks and if we are doing WW, then even the holidays won't be a big deal. I now have a goal too: July 09. And inspiration. Some people use quotes to focus on their goal, keep on track, yada yada. Like the following:

Nothing tastes as good as being healthy and full of energy feels. (this is my old one btw)

One way to get thin is to re-establish a purpose in life. (yah, be skinny and have clothes that fit!)

Success is a journey, not a destination. Focus on the process.

My new inspirational quote for summer of 09?
Boobies on the Beach. We just decided that I will be joining G this summer for a few weeks in Israel and he informed me that there is a topless beach and EVERYONE is topless. Okay, I can work with this. Boobies on the Beach. Whatever works right?

Maybe I need to just focus on boobies in general. I recently went to Vickies to get sized. Yes, yes, this hails from my Oprah obsession from earlier this year when she did a show on wearing the right bra size. but seriously. Two kids later, I had no idea what size I was. The twins were in need of some TLC. So I had a family-free, hall pass kind of night shopping. I decided to check out our poor excuse for a mall. But what store did they actually have??? Victoria's Secret. That's when it hit me. I ran inside and got sized. SAY WHAT?!?! really I thought they measured me wrong. I felt like the cup was bigger than my face. I tried one on just so I could be all sly and say how wrong they were and how silly of them to think little teenage/20-somethings could be left with the big challenge of correctly measuring real sized women. And then it happened. It was a perfect fit. and damn it felt great. Okay little miss teenybopper size 0 thing, I guess you know how to do your job. I bought the bra and the twins were so happy. I swear I looked like I lost 10 lbs too.

Maybe after being propped up properly and perhaps, going back down to one of my many previous sizes I will have topless beach worthy boobies and a shiny sink. A girl can dream.


Preschool Politics

“Hey mommy! That’s Barack Obama!!” There was a commercial on Noggin for the results of the Nick Pick for President and Obama won. I was so happy for a few reasons:

1) BB recognized his face.

2) He remembered his name perfectly. FWIW, he also knows who John McCain is (but botches his name up every time for some reason).

3) He was recalling our conversation from last week about voting for president (the boss of our country).

I think this rocks. I want him to know what's going on but some adults seem clueless. It’s interesting when you have to scale down your thoughts to a 4 y.o. level.

These men are running for president of the United States. We live in the US, remember we live in the state of VA (okay it’s actually a commonwealth, but we won’t go there yet). We used to live in Indiana, another state, and your grandparents all in California, another state. All of our states are in our country, the United States. Remember when mommy and daddy went to Argentina? That’s another country. (this is all review btw, but you know some things stick and others don’t) So, mommy and daddy and other grown-ups get to vote, make a choice, on who we want to be president, the boss of our country.

“Well I’m voting for John McCaiman!” Well (thankfully) you can’t vote yet, because you have to be a grown up.

Mommy and Daddy are voting for Barack Obama, he is talking to a lot of people here today (we were driving past The Big University and there was a rally). He is trying to get everyone excited and get them to vote for him. The other guy is John McCain. Mommy used to like him a lot a long ago, but now he likes different things than mommy and daddy. Like what? Well he wants to fight more and we don’t. And mommy and daddy think people should be able to make some choices and he doesn’t think so. (And his running mate makes me ill and does the white woman overbite while trying to dance and seem cool on SNL and has a creepy wink…. But I digress)

BB: “so John McCaiman is a bad guy?” No, he’s not a bad guy, mommy and daddy just don’t agree with him. He has different plans. “Because he fights all the time?” Well, no, HE doesn’t fight all the time (I don’t think his heart could handle it), but he wants to have other men fight more. BB: “Barack Obama is nice. But I’m voting for John McCaiman.” Okay, so why would you vote for him? “I don’t know.” Well before you vote for something, you should know why. I think I've met some adults that I could say the same thing to.


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