Meal Planning Monday 5/24

Lemon-scented Quinoa Salad. yuuum!
Last week I gave you our summer meal plan template so I thought I'd follow up with my actual plan for the next two weeks.  We're moving yet again, in about 6 weeks (more on that later!) so I really want to use up what we already have on hand in the freezer.  If you are new to meal planning, step 1 is to shop in your freezer and pantry.  See what you already have to work with, then from there you can check out sales and fill in your blanks.  Right now, I've been so spacey and our schedule has gotten all wonky, that I haven't been using coupons/sales at all.  But that's okay, MamaBear's brain can only handle so much.  And Grey's season finale kinda fried what little space I had!  Crazy episode! Weren't you just on edge?!? Meredith is so bad ass I love it...And Cristina! Holla! What was I talking about again? Oh meal planning...

So to keep it real for The Loyal Seven, and to keep me accountable, here you go.  Is this not the most boring blog post evah? gotta do whatcha gotta do.

Monday (Meatless)--
Crock Pot Split Pea Soup fresh homemade bread, and watermelon. I'm cheating a little and tossing in hamhocks and I'll probably use chicken broth instead of plain water.  I need to use the hocks up from the freezer.  
Beans, rice and cheese.  tortillas and fruit.  I swear the munchkins could eat this every night. simple and yummy!

Tuesday (Pasta)
Turkey Bolognese w/ spinach salad. double batch to have dinner ready another week.
Dinner at KCBFF's!

Wednesday (Fish)
fish tacos, beans and/or rice, applesauce.  Most likely I'll bake the fish instead of frying though. 
Baked wild Salmon, lemon quinoa salad.

Thursday (Meat Dish)
Sassy has her preschool dinner picnic.  Need to figure out what I'm bringing...
Boardwalk Italian Beef Sandwiches, green salad.

Friday (Pizza)
30 min. dough, BBQ chicken and Pepperoni/Olive  Need side. both weeks.

Saturday (open)
Baked wings, veggies and dip.  I have a ton of frozen, organic wings that I got on cheapy cheap, but I'm not sure what to do with them.  Any ideas or recipes??
Turkey burgers based on this recipe.  Need side.

Sunday (Poultry)
Crock pot turkey legs, mashed potatoes
Crock pot "roasted" whole, organic chicken.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program with tales of gashing my forehead and sparkly vampire love.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean moving again? I can't wait to see you here soon. Is that what you mean by moving or is the school moving you to a new location?

Nikki said...

So excited for your move...can't wait to see photos once you move in.I am going to have to try this pizza dough recipe!

Lisa Spector said...

Madge- across town, non-school house.

Nik- Me too! I haven't tried the dough recipe yet, but another blogger sent it to me via twitter one day when I forgot to make dough. BigDaddy grabbed some at the store though, so I didn't make it.

ChrisLS said...

How about teriyaki wings? Yum!


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