adventures in contact paper

me, there behind the lemonade dispenser.
here I am! here I am!  see.... over here, behind the boxes and stuck to the contact paper. with dust bunnies in my hair.

what a difference a week makes.  last monday we had just arrived at my mom's and were still on vacation in CA just finishing up our Big Fat Summer Vacation. this monday I'm overwhelmed with the amount of boxes and general crap in our new house.  and trying to figure out just where it's all going to go.

I have some drafts of posts from our trip, but haven't pieced it all together. I really, truly thought I was going to post every other day or so, but then I got to play DD for BigDaddy and his college buddy and then I spent time with my high school BFF after 13 years. and we both talk. a lot. so there really wasn't much time then either. and then we started the TwiTour and stayed at LaPush and went off grid, literally.  no tv, phone, internet, cell service. nada. and then reality, and the boxes, hit me smack in the face. so here I am at 5 a.m. finally writing, and only because the Cranky Older-Than-Dirt Cat has been meowing non-stop all morning while the rest of the house sleeps. good times...

I'm hoping to clear some more space this week and then try to slowly start our "normal life" stuff. HA! Whatever THAT means.... and get my posts all organized and up.  And yes, yours too Suzz! pinky promise!  gotta run right now and get ready for Mommy and Me Pony Camp. yep, you read that correctly. Pony Camp. Mommy and Me. Good Lord, the things we do for our offspring!  So Ye-haw, and so long buckaroos.... is that cowgirlie enough?? lunzy is out.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see pictures from the house when everything is put together. And of course Pony Camp.

Nikki said...

Hope the boxes are unpacked before too long & the new place feels like home fast. Miss you out here!


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